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Monday, December 12, 2005


Girl from Oudtshoorn is Miss SA Teen!!!

Bertha Marie Le Roux, a stunning down to earth girl from Oudtshoorn, Southern Cape, South Africa, won the Miss SA Teen 2005 competition tonight!!!!

Oudtshoorn keeps on rocking!!!!!!
Eish, Kandas.......LOL

Well done Oudtshoorn!!!


I know this girl... have worked with her before.

She is just awesome!!!

"Worked"? ;-)

Okay, how about a pic now?
Boertjie, he's embarrased to put up a pic, the operative words being, 'Miss TEEN' SA.....;-)

Still, she could be 18 or 19...

Kandas (Synonym) - Lothario, Don Juan, Casanova; specifically applicable in Oudtshoorn.
Bertha is a 17 year old teenager from Oudtshoorn. She is currently studying at Oudtshoorn High School and her goal is to achieve academically. She enjoys exercise, cooking, socialising, dancing and spending quality time with her mother. She admires her Science teacher because Bertha thinks she makes an interesting life for herself in a small town. Bertha strives to be unique and to inspire others to be true to themselves.  
Date of Birth: 06/04/1988
Age: 17
Town of Residence: Oudtshoorn
School / College in attendance: Oudtshoorn High School
Languages Spoken: Afrikaans & English
Some words to describe yourself: Healthy, energetic, sincere, amiable, versatile and balanced
Goals: To be independent
To achieve academically
Hobbies: Exercise, cooking, relaxing with family and friends, dancing and talking with my mother about life
Music: All, old and new, depending on my mood (I dislike heavy metal)
Celebrity: Amy Kleinhans (Local)
Angelina Jolie & Cindy Crawford (International)
Colour: Pink and White
Food: Liquorice, peanut butter and yoghurt
Other: Shoes, sunglasses, sunshine and the beach
What person do you admire the most and why? At present I admire my science teacher very much because she makes an interesting life for herself in a small town, she is passionate about what she does and we can talk to her about anything and she is not judgemental. She never moans.
What do you think is important in life: To respect people and nature
To learn from my mistakes
To share problems because there are always solutions
To be happy and grateful
To have fun
Describe the essence of you: To be different in such a way that it will motivate others to be true to themselves too. I practice what I preach.
Should you be crowned Miss SA Teen 2005, what would your goals for the year of your reign be? I would love to work towards the goals of the sponsors of this competition and I would like to inspire teenage girls with low self esteem to face up to life. To help them connect with their own source to be happy .... And perhaps work towards combating the many rapes. for pic

Anyway, well done again Oudsthoorn.

Seems everything is coming up trumps for the SEC, in particular SWD!!
She really likes a lot of things.
No mention of Kandas though - even though (or maybe because?) he "worked" with her.
Guess whose fault it will be if she doesn't win the competition?
You have mail.
LOL, Boertjie, she has ALREADY won the competition!!!

Guess whose fault it WASN'T that she did!!

Poor girl, living in the same dorp as the infamous KF syndrome.

Nothing good can come from it, we'll have to warn her folks to move!
Hehehe, Boertjie!

We'll definitely use the one at least, possibly on the next Brannasnacht....
Oops! I misread the information.
Definetely KF.
Also KF that we still have no idea what she looks like.
Shyte, I still can't get over it: He doesn't show up for Brannasnacht. No explanation. No apology. And then he shows his face as if nothing happened ...
Next round we'll just ignore him, right?
This site is a bit jumpy when I post - must be KF.

If you copy this EXACTLY, you'll see a pic of the lovely young lady ---->

Blame KF if it doesn't work.

In fact, if your car doesn't start in the morning, blame that on KF as well.

A spokesman announced that the terrible fires raging in the Cape are a manifestation of KF syndrome hitting SA.
Geluk Oudtshoorn en Kandas...
'n Bietjie van die onderwerp af maar ek het nou gesit en wonder... Weet enige iemand hoeveel geld die Vodacom spanne kry? Dit sal interessant wees om te sien hoeveel hulle teenoor mekaar kry... Kan nie help om te dink dat die Vrystaat afgeskeep gaan word nie... Ek kry die bedrae net nerens nie! Nie op Vodacom, Stormers of Yahoo nie. Kan enige iemand my dalk inlig?
Thanks Guys

Ja Boertjie Ja :)
Sjeez, Kandas - dit is 'n mooie meisiekind!

Ek kan verstaan hoekom jy graag weer saam met haar sal wil "werk".
at least she does not want world peace - she gets my vote  
Brings tears to ones eyes.

Rob (D)
Howzit RobD

Yip She is beautiful- and it seems to be from good- down to earth Japie stock :-)
Sjoe. Kandas worked with her?

What happened to KF? Good thing it didn't strike. :-D
Hey Kandas,

Wasnt there a Sevens tourney, down your way?
I think Kandas worked on her, and not with her! ;-)  
kyk nou hoe kyk sy vir ai  
Ek sien Johan Stemmet is terug!  
Shyte, is it going to be another quite day? Have any of you played Last man standing on BBC website without the tips on, it's not so easy anymore!  
i cant even play it with the damn tips.

and i got 4 out of 10 on the quiz!!!!

Now I dont feel so bad anyomre, I can play it with the tips, but the quiz got me, I got 3 out of 10!
Hi Aldo

Thanks for the arti- good read, looking forward to 2006, especially 10 Feb 2006, Btw you mentioned 9 props- how do you think HM will get them on the field, :-), maybe kaplan & Rassie to help?

That one is for the BloBul Bitterbek Brigade- just a pity (lol) none of them is here to see it.

PA- the ozzie arti is stopping me from posting
Play it without the tips. I've tried it with the tips and barely made it to the second stage.
When I ignored it, I played better shots and reached the last stage with better shots than the suggested ones.
Same problem hear OO, can't post either. Lets just blame it on Kandas.

Ek is ook deel van die Bloubul Brigade, weet net nie van die bitterbek nie. Die 9 stutte noem ek net om die diepte te wys.

Where has the Aussie thread dissapeared to?

"Knows" Teenage girls...

Do you 'know' what they do to okes like you in prison....

There is a massive shortage of fuel in Gauteng and the Western Cape, an official from the department of energy said:

" We warn motorists not to let their tanks run dry before refilling, this KF syndrome may last quite a while..."

In an unrelated incident fuel ran out at the Capetown International Airport this weekend. An ACSA official was adamant that:

"Although the jet fuel was incorrectly mixed at BP, we have it on good authority from their people that this was caused by yet another stroke of the dreaded KF syndrome that is plaguing the CT INternational this festive season, given the hole in the tarmac that was also caused by a KF last week"


You're ageing boet.

They no longer want world peace. The Cold War's over, so the new buzzword is

"I want to work with children"

My wife makes me sit through Ms SA with her every year as punishment for SO many cricket and rugby matches. AND in punishment for things like:

"Jisis REf is jy F****N blind jou dom d**s!"

"Vang die f****n bal Percy jou d**s)"

"Shaun POllock jy is f***n useless"

(And things of that ilk)

I have to sit though:

"Oh my god look at those plastic tits"

"Oooo, she has big fat hips"

"Ag no man, that outfit makes your bum look big."
It's a KF Aldo  
shit knows guys, i have reposted that thing 4 times now cause it has one hell of a space from the intro paragraph to the 'read the full article' line, and i have no clue what i did wrong!

blame kandas!
it is up now though! with the big space, you can post and hopefulle kandas can fix it!  
There are now two up PA!!!!!!

One with the space and one without....

An undoubted KF
Ek Wil Steek !

Hou Vas Pappa Gaan Jag !
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