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Thursday, December 22, 2005


General Discussions: Dumped via Small's SMS

By: Malani Venter

Cape Town - Former Springbok James Small gave his new young love the boot - via SMS.

According to a good friend of the model Lindsay Duncan, Small dumped the 19-year-old beauty a few days ago with an "insensitive" SMS.

They were only a couple for two months.

Duncan was photographed about three weeks ago in a lighthearted mood when she had lunch with friends at Small's Camps Bay restaurant, Café Caprice.

She confirmed on Wednesday that the relationship had ended, but did not want to comment any further.

The Cape Town model from Ice Models was crowned as the "Rooi Rose" model of the year 2005.

Small and ex-model Christina Storm are currently involved in a custody battle over their child, Ruby. Small was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Shit this guy is spoilt for choice, I mean to drop a hotty like Christina Storm for a hotty like this and then still end up dropping her, you must have all the choice in the world. Shyte, I wish I was him.

Oh before I forget, OO likes dragon's arses!
What a woman!

She can always come cry on my shoulder.
I was waiting for the Oudsthoorn Lothario to pop up!!!

Much MUCH bigger pics of here here:
'here' = her!  
:) mmm

click 'browse'

I've seen worse than 'Cecile'....
Oudtshoorn Lothario


She's a fine honey though, that's for sure...

Did any of you ever see interviews with Small and Storm. I once saw one years ago on Top Billing.

Boy were they made for each other.

Superficial, image and appearance crazy.

And not an ounce of brain material between them.

Michael Moll: So what do you guys do for fun seeing as you have such fun jobs in any case?

James: Ja, like I like my Harley

Christina: Ja, and like I like the beach hay.
Shame man

What genetic chance of intelligence does their child have?
The bloke is a legend.....but a bit of a twat.

Nonetheless, someone for all the Alpha males to look up to.
Kandas we need to do a weekly feature on a SpearLeader

Bikini pic
Favourite rugby player
etc etc etc

Anyone know how we can get hold off the Bulls Babes for similar?

I once saw the pair of them on the Beach in Plettenberg bay. James Small ran around all big and strong, just to end up making a fool of himself in front of everyone. He had a jetski and when he got the thing in the water he couldn't get it started. He seemed to forget the thing also runs on fuel!

Call this number: 082 408 6680

I believe it's their manager or somethings number. Or if you want to, email Guy called Danie Hasbroek.
Ag fok mense iemand het vir n paar duitsers gese hulle sing mooi so hulle hog nou die stage hier by die backpackers.Hulle het darem n special van buy 2 drinks get 1 free.Die uitlanders ureteer my net moerse.Kiwis en maoris is geen probleem nie maar al die ander goet,Dis nou 23:30.Is dit n teken of wat maar daar is n bottel oopmaker in my badkamer.Een van daai wat jy teen die muur vasmaak.moerse ne?Was nou net by n local spot en as hulle hoor jy is van SA af wil hulle net rugby praat,as jou naam nie Mark Keohane is nie.As dit jou naam is sal hulle jou ignore en weet jy weet fokol van rugby af.
Praat later,
lol Bliksem  
okes, where are the rugby articles?

merry christmas.
LOL! Ons moet dit vir Keo aanstuur!

Re Small: I really don't wish him to be any girl's husband or any child's father. Crazy, spoilt and mixed up guy.

About time you found your way here, crikey!
Crikey cab


How the hell did you find us?
crikey cab, you come here two days before christmas and then ask for rugby articles. Where exept for that little muddy island of yours do they still play rugby.  
too right, crikey.

been busy, but was browsing for rugby blogs and lo and behold saw you fellas.

Rasputin's picture must be an old one, when was the last time WP won anything?

DavidS on the other hand is exhibiting exceptionally fine taste with the picture of Bryan Habana in a lions jersey. The way it should be.
aldo, yeah but the frikkin poms have just received a beating at the hands of pakistan, so its not all bad news.  
ag hell no, another paper supporter!  
Welcome cab!


I have a formal complaint:

1. Firstly, you guys post so many articles that it is difficult to keep up reading all the comments, etc. for somebody as busy as me, and then,
2. You go and post such a photo of the lovely Lindsay with this article (and it comes up on the front page in the top position) that I now find myself staring at her pic all the time forgetting to do my work and to read the articles and comments. Shyte man! Have a heart!

I will talk to Tony about a feature of the Spearleaders and I can also tell you that I will do a weekly feature of the SWD Cheerleaders from early next year onwards for Rugga World.

But first, please replace that photo of Lindsay! :)


Now we can do pictures of our heroes next to our names too! Cool huh?

anon is actually Pissant who is the arch wp supporter

He and I have a running thing about the Lions / Cats only being good on paper....

Now you're here to help because I'm feeling seriously lonely...
It's no use asking about the Spearleaders by the way.

Didn't you read the DavidS exclusive South African rugby wishlist of letters stolen from Father Christmas?


DavidS, lets face it being a lions supporter is not helluva rewarding at the best of times, perhaps we should consider a shift of allegiance for the upcoming season. Apparantly my gramps played centre for WP, but i'd like to support a winning side for a change.

yoh, big stirring already.
lol cab

My grandfather played for Eastern Transvaal (Falcons)

I'm NOT shifting allegiances....

Being a Lions supporter is rewarding by the way...

You get to see your team win surprisingly and it's always such a big shock you cherish it more than a Bulls supporter does.

I acn't mention WP here seeing as they don't win anything...

we beat your asses!!!!
Dalk het sy nie n mooi persoonlikheid gehad nie.James lyk vir my na n diep seun.
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