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Thursday, December 08, 2005


From Siberia with love

It is a little known fact that rugby is actually quite big in Russia and Eastern Europe. In a recent match between Russia and their little neighbour, Georgia, there was a crowd of 70 000!

A lot of Russian rugby actually takes place far to the east, out in Siberia. There is no doubt that these clubs get by on the bare minimum of financial resources but absolutely outstanding human spirit and the will to succeed.

How much better would it have been for the IRB to award a World Cup to a place like Russia, where it would have had a massive impact on local rugby, rather than even considering South Africa or New Zealand, who, all things being equal, should survive without one.

I quote from

"Communalshchik Rugby Club

This club in Russia had quite a few babes on the team. Well one that caught my eye anyways.

And since there are only a hand ful of Russian Sites I can find (this being one of them), I have included them. Say hello to Masha! (Above)

Another Club, Rostov-on-Don Rugby Club is a youth side in Central Russia.

Finally, one last site that can be reached is the Moscow Dragons RFC. Hosted by Idiot Brother #20 (acting as President of the club), Michael Bolan is an Irishman living in Moscow. Not sure what he does, but something tells me he isn't with the Irish Espionage Agency. An interesting link to a story on his page:
Click here!

The links to these sites are included in the links page in the right column. Also see the Russian Rugby Union site located there as well.

Za Mir my comrades!"
Start spreading the news,
I'm leaving today,
I'm up to here with all your shit,
New York, New York,.....

Is that your wife, daughter or sister?
hopefully his sister!  

A good friend, go ballistic! No, seriously, she is a Russian female rugby player, a very attractive young lass.

Donner, you a Frank fan?

Geez, don't you guys like the story? I think it's great that people play rugby in the snow in Siberia and we talk shit about a 'lack of facilities' in SA....
seeing ras is going bos again with his brilliant arti's i will re-paste my post on one of the other threads:


manne ek is fokken besig met ernstige goed hier man!!!!!

hy ek het actually vir my beter helfte vanaand gese ek dink boertjie is n goeie addition!

glo dit of nie

btw sy lees al ons kak en rasp, sy laaik jou kak.


ek het niks veranner aan die main template nie, hy update ook nie vir my nie. refresh maar net as jy in main is. en ek belowe ek het niks afgehaal van die links af nie!!!!!!!


ek rook al boom. en meneer more bel ek jou met (hopelik) befokte nuus!!!!

if that photo is not enough motivation for any guy to start playing rugby, nothing will be!!!!

keep up the great work!

Ijust wanted to know.

If it was his wife I would say Congrats.

If it was his daugther I would say Luckily she takes after her mother.

If it was his sister I would say Liar!!!!!!!

I see it is back. This site is doing funy things today. Better thn typekey however.

Never underestimate the power of a hard man's stare on a woman.

I'm not 'Rasputin' for nothing...

As a man, you'll never understand *sniff, sniff*
donner personally i think ras is secretly promoting some porn thing here, but i will investigate and find the truth.  
LOL, check the poor wee thing out, she is a genuine young rugby player and a good one at that.

It's a massive pity that their club website appears to be no more. I first visited it about 4 years ago and they had the most fantastic photos of playing rugby in the snow.

They have basic, BASIC club facilities, I don't even think they have hot water for showers.

Then I hear about Balfour or Stofile complaining about a 'lack of facilities for the youth' and my blood boils!!! FFS, get off your butt, get out there and MAKE facilities!

What is Kandas up to now. Net sodra mens dink hy gaan 'n bietjie kom kak praat dan verdwyn hy weer soos mis voor die son.

Lyk my ek moet maar verder aan my artikel werk.
Hoezit hoezit!!!!

PA, het jy nog boom - verkieslik van ons swazi broers en susters.

DavidS mag dalk coke he.

fokkit ek is somewhat hyperactive.

PA, jy beter bel boetie! :)
Jy moet nou nie weer die gras aan die brand loop steek daar in die

Klein Karoo,
verre land van verlatenheid,
Klein Karoo,
waar die Swartberge troon,

ek dink kandas OD op panados op die oomblik!


watch this space, speak tomorrow!
Guys, whatever you are all up to, it would be cool if you throw some articles on here as well in a spare moment.

On top of that, I believe we could take this a little further by visiting foreign clubs with an interest in SA rugby and inviting them to visit us, but I'm buggered if I'll be visiting them on my own!
Morning midnight people

What a superb story Rasp

According to StP, Siberian dollies are VERY hot, with skin like silk.

Anyway, I'm sure he'll be very happy to see we're doing articles about rugby in Russia
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