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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


EP Rugby slaps a five-year ban on Stuurman

Does this never end? Is it just a pipe dream to wish for a scandal free rugby administration?

By Derrick Spies

EP RUGBY chairman Willem Stuurman has been banned from taking part in any rugby structures in the Eastern Province for the next five years after being found guilty of submitting fraudulent claims and acting dishonestly.

Meanwhile, Eastern Province Rugby Union chief executive Phillip Joseph remains in power, despite the recommendations of a second report commissioned by the EPRU, which stipulates that criminal action should be taken against him.

Aldy Meyer, who will remain EPRU’s acting president, said he could only confirm that the disciplinary action against Stuurman had been concluded. He did not want to confirm the charges as Stuurman still had leave to appeal.

Stuurman confirmed that he had been banned for five years after being found guilty on five of the 21 charges that were brought against him.

Each of the charges dealt with claims for travel expenses of between R30 and R1 040 in December and January last year. The claims total R2 870.

Stuurman said the last two claims of R1 040 each had never been processed, so he was being suspended for five years as a result of a R790 payment.

“I don’t see how they can justify employing advocate Marius Grobbelaar at considerable expense to act on their behalf for such a small amount,” he said.

Stuurman denied that the claims were false and said he would appeal against the decision.
“My lawyer has advised me to exhaust all local procedures and structures, but we will definitely be taking legal action against EP Rugby for defamation,” he said.

Meyer confirmed that Grobbelaar had represented EPRU in the disciplinary hearing but said no invoice had yet been submitted for this.

A source alleged that the second report on the accusations against Joseph, drafted by three advocates, had cost EPRU around R69 000. He further claimed the report had indicated that criminal or disciplinary action be taken against Joseph.

Stuurman said it was ridiculous that he had been suspended while the “main culprit”, Joseph, was still in charge of the union’s affairs.
Following on from David's post, really, is there no end to this dribble dribble of poor corporate governance reports?

No wonder the public have little faith.


Feel free to Dragons away!!!

Play some Noot vir Noot as well!
As long as such clowns like Stuurman are allowed in SA Rugby, we will always have these problems.
Guys this is positive news

It shows that something is being done to the people who are giving SARU a bad name. The EPRFU should never have shut up about this there should have been a strongly worded press release saying that this is corporate governance at work and they have clearly started to clean house to get rid of people who are a threat to proper administration of the game.

This character is now out. Josephs will eventually follow. Hopefully he'll be a jail bitch with Shabir Sheik eventually....

i agree that idiots like stuurman is shown the door, but why spend R69000 on a report?

why pay a lawyer god knows how much for doing this disciplinary (you would probably know how much they charge) which must be thousands for a fraud case of R800?

its not the principles i disagree with, just the execution. just fire the git and if he challenges let him pay for his legal aid himself. if EPRFU then wins the case they can ask that their legal costs is covered by him as well.

or am i being stupid? you know lawyer stuff!
Not at all

A lawyer chairing would have cost them between R800 and R1500 per hour.

The audit report as you said R69 000-00

For a simple disciplinary case where a consultant would have charged you R350-00 per hour, banged it over within two hours and fired the git.

Then you'd have some inexperienced and intimidated git at CCMA scared shitless by the lawyers to chair it.

You could, again use a R350 per hour consultant are are much 'slimmer' on their feet in CCMA than lawyers in any case and probably more updated on the IR developments.

I could have done this whole thing for them with R5K.

You don't need a damned audit report for sometjng like this. You can get any decent accountant to just check stuff for you in the books and tally them with the books.

Ergo = R10K to do everything with the same result.

Stupid gits.
guys, is the word 'git' a term you whitey's use? LMAO
I heard it for the 1st time on
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