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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Discussions: Just when we thought Rugga World visitors are addicted...


A NEW internet rugby game is set to keep the idle hands of bored workers busy in offices across Wales in their last few days before Christmas.

As the phones grow quiet and the emails get thin on the ground, staff who are still confined to their desks will quickly get bored of surfing the net.

An internet rugby game which includes top teams and famous landmarks from Welsh rugby towns is becoming an email hit as it gets passed from computer to computer.

Players of Flick 'n' Kick, which has been created for Welsh building society Principality, have the choice to play the national game, as Wales against England, or they can choose to take control of their favourite Principality Premiership team to smash the opposition.

Plus there is another good reason for skiving staff to start practising their control skills with the mouse. Those who record top high scores in the Principality's national league table will be up for winning tickets for next year's Six Nations clashes in Cardiff.

The idea is the brainchild of internet marketing company Rubber Republic, which says that consumers are now spending 33% of their media time online, when compared to other activities like watching TV or reading.

The game is basically a reminder of the days when schoolboys used to play "flick rugby" using coins on desks, but utilises internet technology to heat up the competition.

The aim of the game is to rack up as many points as possible by dodging tackles, collecting power-ups and scoring tries.

But if you're tackled or go out of bounds, it's back to your own try line.

Watch out, the power-ups can help or hinder you - but once you've scored a try you can add to your points total with a successful conversion.

Tracy Morshead, managing director of Principality Building Society, said it was a way of raising the profile of both her company and Welsh rugby in general.

"Principality has a long association with rugby in Wales and are proud to support the Premiership which develops and nurtures young players.

"We're encouraging supporters to get behind their local clubs and help get their teams to the top of the league - both on and off the pitch. So get clicking!"

Rubber Republic, which has produced internet games for clients including Sony, said this method was a great way to bring customers and big corporations closer together.

"This game is aimed directly at a very specific audience - people who love rugby, they're Welsh, they support their club," said Andy Parkhouse at Rubber Republic.

He added, "This form of marketing is a great way of reaching people who spend a lot of time online, which people do both at home and in the workplace these days.

"Also it is pretty cost-effective. On the web it is all digital and therefore quite cheap to distribute."

There are also great incentives to play. Not only can you support your Principality Premiership team, so they're at the top of the league, but also up for grabs are pairs of tickets for Wales' home matches in the Six Nations Championship. Other prizes include season tickets for a Premiership team and an exclusive meal with a Wales player.

To play Flick 'n' Kick, go to
we thought we were sad.....

well we are.....

but not that bad.....

nice site btw....
What you trying to say about us knadas?  
That any woman would be delighted to be in our company as we know what passion is ... :)  
Good one knadas

Double Plus Ungood one Pissant
Howzit all

Has the Rectum Rangers left ?
rectum rangers?  

I was a bit unpopular this morning- questioned the name-calling need
ah, the NZ thread, i read it...  
I will rockup for tonight brannasnacht

see you guys later
rectum rangers? Eish, that's harsh.  
Reectum Rangers....

Nasty OO

Real nasty....
Jeez but you guys are sensitive sandy's today.

2100 CET they say- my Cheetah ass ( pun intended)
And so it is 2100 CET  
And here we ( and it is I Oranje Orakel) all in a straight stripe and the comment tool on the Brannasnacht thread is having a SEC momento- courtesy of the Oudtshoorn Lothario

Die Hoorn staan seker punt in die wind.
Ag wat kom ek gaan pak eers alles klaar, sal later weer inloer  
Wel klaar gepak , nou loer ek later in- sien darem daar was 'n Kersfees Brannasnacht :-), cheers all, time to get weaned from the cyber diet- for a while.  
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