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Friday, December 23, 2005


Discussions: Harrison gets extension to serve penalty

Former Wallaby Justin Harrison has been given an extension until September 1 to complete his punishment for making a racial slur during the NSW Waratahs' Super 12 clash against the Cats in South Africa last March.

Harrison, who served a three-match ban for the incident, was fined $20,000 by SANZAR.

He was told he would escape the fine if he completed an anti-discrimination course run by the anti-discrimination board of NSW and 30 hours of community service.

The 31-year-old has since left NSW and signed a three-year deal with Irish club Ulster, and, because of his playing commitments abroad, had requested an extension in serving his penalty.

A SANZAR judicial committee - comprising chairman Terry Willis, Kim Garling and Mick Mathers - today granted Harrison an extension until September 1.

Harrison was found guilty of racially abusing Cats winger Chumani Booi in a match on March 12.

What bullshit is this?

What kind of 'punishment' is it if you can choose when and where you can serve it? In other words, Harrison has managed to delay serving his 'sentence' until a time where it won't affect his club committments!

Nice punishment if you can get it.
Still can't get over the fact that the Plank can defer his punishment to a date of his choosing!  
Well, it's like I always say to my staff..."If you are going to call in sick,make sure it is on your day off."  
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