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Friday, December 16, 2005


Discussions: The Challenge

Okay, you are a frustrated South African rugby fan. Join the club, take a ticket and stand in line because it's going to be a long process, boet!

Well, here's a deal, we at Rugga World can't promise anything but we do absolutely guarantee that we'll do our utmost to get your grievances in front of the powers-that-be. Read on.

Use this thread and post your single most urgent item - please note, we will ignore ALL posts that do not contain a single important item.

We do understand that a lot of you have many issues to address, we do understand that we are getting to the festive season and we may not get the response you all would hope for.

However, it doesn't matter, we'll toll the responses and when we corner an official, AND WE WILL, we'll get him/her to address your questions and reply in a suitable thread.

So, go for it, ask away, silly questions will be totally disregarded, serious questions will be kept for an opportune moment and as soon as we get relevant replies we will get back to you.

Remember, this site is RugRat driven, whatever you guys tell us you want and need will be, and becomes our priority, within our limited budget.

We don't ask for a contribution, we are independent, we want to retain our integrity and report the way you have indicated - independent & unbiased.

We'll do that. If you can think of any way to donate or contribute then drop us a line. We'll find a way of acknowledging contributors.

Where to start?

The root of all ill in SA rugby is not with the corrupt administrators or the largely talentless players or the under-qualified coaches. Its the fans. For a nation so passionate about rugby the fans self evidently have such little technical appreciation of the game.

Let down by an insipid media that reports rugby in a similar way to the fashion in which the worst British tabloids report football (personality and controversy driven). The fans just don't understand their rugby. And no one is doing anything to help them. Buy an English broadsheet on a Sunday and you'll read more quality insight on rugby than in a year's subscription to a Keo magazine; let alone the combined output of the rancid indiginous newsprint.

Players are praised to the hilt and announced as world class based on a couple of half-cocked performances in the meaningless CC.
Look at an average Keo posting and its full of supporters naming their pointless best XVs. There is never any discussion of playing tactics and playing combinations. The reason why is that SA fans just don't get it.

The ignorant SA fan base has the administrators and woeful on field performances they deserve.
off course - how could i have missed it....

the fans are the guys coaching the players, working out their game plans, discussing tactics, working out the line out calls for match day, develop defensive systems, developing conditioning programs, etc.

you bloody twat!

no wonder the pommies are so bloody stupid and arrogant, even when your team loose you think they won.

i was wrong labeling the english rugby team as a bunch of arrogant twats - it is obvious they are not the idiots or pricks, it is of course, the british media and fans.

with your superior knowledge as a fan, dont you think english rugby should win more games than loose?

fuck you're and idiot
o btw - welcome, i missed your kak. hope you stick around, could use your superior insight knowing you played the game at the highest level, have a browse through the archives, there is a special article dedicated to you.  

Believe it or not, StM

We are happy to see you.
St M has a point in the sense that the average SA fan is shortsighted,
emotion-driven and often with a provincial bias aching to blindness. They also tend to have short memories and a very superficial insight into the game, and tend to make sweeping statements.
OK, so none of has asked a question - yet :-)
Everyone knows my main issue

The inability to have a uniform, intelligent and well versed communication and marketing strategy.
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