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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Dear Jake

Image: Touchline Photo, Supersport

December 07 2005 at 05:14AM

Rugby writer Jacques van der Westhuyzen writes an open letter to Springbok coach Jake White.

Dear Jake

Congratulations on another satisfying year. Your team lost only three matches and the Boks once again cemented their place in the top two in the world.

Springbok rugby is once again respected and the likes of Ricky Januarie shot to prominence under your guidance.

'I'm sure you'll agree that 2005 was an okay year'But while the Boks were just minutes away from winning all four Tri-Nations matches and becoming the number one team in the world, it is with concern that we note your team has not progressed much since your first year in charge.

Sure, you won a game more in the Tri-Nations than was the case last season when the Boks lifted the trophy, but in playing terms, there has not been progression and as we look ahead to an expanded Tri-Nations in 2006 and the World Cup in 2007 there are a number of issues that need to be raised if the Boks are to get the better of the All Blacks in the coming years and win the World Cup.

I'm sure you'll agree that 2005 was an okay year for the Boks and I'm sure you'll spend the festive season thinking hard on what to do to get the Boks on the same level as New Zealand because, frankly, they're playing the game on a completely different level.

Firstly, and I think most in the country will agree, the persistence with Percy and Os has got to be reconsidered. And this does not only refer to the end-of-season tour when Percy was, to put it mildly, exposed as a player well past his prime.

I know you place a lot of emphasis on experience and the number of Test caps players have, but those factors will not ensure victory and satisfactory performances. Percy is still vulnerable under the high ball, but more worrying is the fact that in the time he's been back in the Bok team, he's rarely caused any problems for the opposition. He doesn't go on powerful runs, seldom links with the backline and seems only to be in the team because of his experience and kicking ability, which has also floundered in recent times.

A fullback should be one of the most dangerous weapons in a backline, a man who will be watched by the opposition, always probing. Think Chris Latham, Mils Muliaina, Leon MacDonald.Remember, Jake, the World Cup is two years away, not 12 months. The Boks need a more dangerous man at 15. That man is Johan Roets.

As solid as Os has been, he will also be a shadow of his former greatness come 2007.

Jake, you're also going to have to seriously think about who your right wing will be going forward. Hopefully the Super 14 will give you an answer.

Hopefully you've also now realised that Jacques Cronjé is not a number eight. He was a ghost on the recent trip, but thankfully the dynamic Joe van Niekerk will be back next season.

I also believe it is high time the attacking potential of the team was realised. There is simply not enough creativity among the backs and the ball rarely moves from scrumhalf to wing in one flowing motion.

For all the work put in and talent in the squad – and let's not forget these players have been together for two years now – the Boks are not playing the kind of rugby one expects of them.If you sit down and think hard about it and ask yourself which Bok is revered and feared by the opposition, perhaps only the names of Bryan Habana and Victor Matfield will pop up. The rest, I doubt, strike any fear in the All Blacks – the team we have to compare ourselves to.

Jake, I think deep down you'll agree your team has not progressed as much as you would have liked. The Boks are doing nothing to keep the opposition guessing. We've become predictable in our style and approach and until we add a new, attacking, creative dynamism to the team, we'll always play second fiddle to the All Blacks.

Enjoy the time off and I'm sure you'll be doing plenty of thinking and planning for a better, more exciting 2006. Tough decisions will have to be made, but as I'm sure you're aware, if you're going to be the best, those decisions have to be taken.

Best regardsJacques

This article was originally published on page 21 of
The Star on December 07, 2005
I think we should sue this guy. He got his comments from our posts on Keo over the past two weeks.  

Where do you think the Poison Dwarf gets most of his ideas from?
Of course he did, Donner!!!

We are not the only ones to lift stories...;-)

You can see that a lot of the rugby journo's visit the comments on Keo - to get ideas, to gauge public opinion and to copy particularly good passages, albeit with subtle changes.

I remember once posting a load of RWC financial information and how it would benefit SA'd economy in general and, lo and behold, a few days later I read an article with the exact same figures and the same slant.

Don't be surprised if we read the Oracle on IOL one of these days ;-)
donner, is he not a bulls supporter?

I'm sure he was dying to add: Maak die Bulle almal Bokke' LOL

What a tosser!!! He does have good points here and there but i dont think Roets is the answer. He is becoming like Greeff in that he is just using up n unders from the back. Jantjes should be given an extended run at 15... he has pace, is a natural footballer and is a current Bok...

As for Os, i think he should still be involved if he is around and still fit to play. i do however think that now is the time to play Steenkamp and maybe Sephaka at loosehead to gain as much experience as possible.

Oh, and lets not forget about Steady Eddie. LOL

I have another link for you...

Click on Gallery, then I recommend 'series 2' and you might want to peek at 'Orli - FHM - June '03' or 'Montage - FHM - June '03'

Don't let WPW look, his heart won't take it.
I just hope Johan Stemmet found some worth in the "Keo soek 'n stoot" games that was played.  
Damnit I was going to say exactly that donner!

Jacques is a Bulls supporter, hence the Percy issue and favouring Johan Roets.

My wife edits the magazine in her company, and they hire journalists to write articles and FAMOUS name types.

When they get the articles they spend about a week trawling the internet to see where the guys plagiarised the stories from, and in at least 40% of cases stories have to be returned to be rewritten, beacuse journalists wholesale plunder other sources.

We should copyright the Oracle....
we definately should Davids.

(thank god no one has trawled my postings yet)
oh yes and johan roets is dangerous, and very safe under the high ball, just ask FDP  
lol PA about Johan Roets. I actually reckon Conrad Jantjes would be a better bet.

Okay henceforth the Oracle publishings shall carry the sternest of copyright warning known to law


Are we infringeing anything?
i heard that ras. Orli is not that hot!!!

Donner, dont say it!! LOL

not at all brother!

Have you ever visited the Contest part of Wicked Weasel.
yes i have donner. why do you ask. Please, lets not get into this, i'm a changed man. lmao  

the contest part is the best part....

It will change you further


Gee hom so twee jaar van getroude lewe dan gaan hy jou vir daai URL's smeek!
guys, been there done that!
are you talking about the contributors? They have 2004-4, 2004-05, etc. like i said, nothing new...

donner, i'm not falling for that one. If i'm not mistaken it has fat chicks. Disgusting!!! No, revolting!!! YUCK.

i remember nancy once telling some1 to go to and so i went to check it out. PORN SITE!!!

I nearly became addicted...LOL
feeder is NOT COOL donner....  
dont tell me you fell for that one? lmao
Ag no Davids,

Jondood caught out quite a few guys the same day he told everybody about wickedweasel.
no donner

just like wpw I pretty much guessed what it was...

Later however, morbid curiousity took me there.....
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