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Friday, December 09, 2005


Darth Mauling continued...

My second theory or option to mauling is a much simpler approach. I mentioned in the first post that I see it as two or three line tactics that should be applied, and having explained the three line maul as I see it, lets look at the two line maul.

In principle a lot of the basics stay the same, the only real difference is the two line approach is a direct, brute force, donner them over approach. The type of maul you choose should solely depend on your field position, this type of maul, the two line, should only be entertained as an option when you are 10 or so meters away from the oppositions goal line. The desired end result, is a try by the forwards, not a penalty, a try.

The secret to getting this approach right is the speed in execution. Although moving your line out catcher to the back of the line out might provide you with an added advantage over the opposition as to the point of attack, it might be risky in the sense that your support players wont get to the ball carrier quick enough to prevent the opposition from spoiling the ball or taking the ball carrier to ground.

For that reason alone I would still have my line out catcher jumping at four. But now, the props roles changes slightly. Much rather than providing stability to the maul, they should bind onto the lock as they would into a scrum with the lock, even though his back is turned, being the imaginary hooker and hit the opposition players as they would hit into a scrum. The desired result will be to hit the opposition back a few feet and immediately putting your back up players part of the maul on the front foot.

Your most nuggety, and preferably, your smallest player should drive into the ball catcher as soon as possible, the Ryno van der Merwe’s of this world would be perfect in this role, with your enforcer, and strongest loosie binding either side of him immediately and the last forward binding behind him, covering him in the preverbial blanket. The ball thus stays in the middle of the maul with the ball carrier very well protected. This ‘hit’ should be done with force and speed to get forward momentum as quickly as possible.

The reason I would prefer this maul to the three line maul when close to the opposition try line is simple. With the three line maul the ball is basically exposed at the back of your maul, and we have seen hundreds of times that opposition teams will hit mauls from the side deliberately to give away penalties rather than giving away tries. Although referees do play advantage, the chances are the opposition will attack not only the ball carrier from the side, but try and attack the ball which is pretty much unprotected.

Remember I said the purpose of this maul is to score a try, not force a penalty. The execution of this specific type of maul is extremely difficult given the speed at which everything needs to happen to give you immediate forward momentum, but deadly if executed clinically.

The question now remains. Why are the Boks ineffective in this department?

Well I believe these two posts gives us the answer in my opinion. Having tried to explain how I perceive this area of the game, I might have confused more people than shed light on the subject.

If it is that difficult to explain in words, imagine how difficult this is to coach! I do believe where the Boks fall short though, is because it is not coached into them with the same intensity, as say, scrumming would be. And this to me is stupid.

Also, in my opinion and how I interpret this area of the game, it becomes very clear that each player has a very specific role. I get the feeling the only two players with specific roles in this area of the Bok game at the moment, is the hooker and the jumper! Almost a case of: “Duh okes, lets just like catch the ball and then all you guys like pack around me and lets try and move these Aus guys like backwards okay.”

Execution in this area is vital if you want to be successful, and I believe not enough time is spend in this area of the game and our players have no idea and are not coached properly to use this as a very effective weapon, and I say weapon in the sense of mass destruction, because hell, seeing it is legal obstruction in the biggest degree, and looking at the size of our forwards we should be mauling everything from our own 22!

But I guess that is South African rugby for you. Here is one area of the game we can exploit to our own benefit up and till a point other teams will bitch and moan so much the IRB will have to change the laws, but we are to thick to realize it. I blame that other guy personally!

Luke Skywalker is 'n Draak!!!!  
Ras is a soutie thug!!! lol

Oh, and Dragons!!!!
Hey aldo, jy soek mos nou n fight ne? LMAO  
Jy het moelikheid WPW, ek gaan vandag jou asskick vir eerste post!

O ja, Vinnie is 'n Soutie Thug en Bliksem is 'n Boere thug. Gepraat van Bliksem, ek wonder wat gaan hy doen daar in NZ as hy sien keo is af. Het iemand hom al laat weet van die site?
ek dink nie so nie. het iemand nie sy email adres nie?

Ek weet van vinnie wat n 'lymie' thug is, en daars nogal heelwat boere thugs wat ek kan noem. lmga.

davidS, jondood, kandas, boertjie en die eerste oorspronklike een is Japie Mulder. lol
Take II as interesting as take I

will refer OORB

Grootste een moet Tackler wees. He's defintely a Boertjie somewhere on a farm in the Karoo, wishing he was in NZ. Oh shit, here we go with the conspiracy theories again!
Aldo, what do you think of the Stormers' chances in the S14?
And you better not say anything about a lack of a tight
Damn if we could just predict where the KF will strike next. Just hopes it stays away from our scrums.  
Difficult to coach is a crap excuse/theory.

This is the national squad we are talking about....supposedly the most talented players and most experienced coaching set-up with the ability to recruit any specialist needed.

Could there not be a better senario withregards coaching?

Quite frankly....coaching the U9 d's must be the hardest coaching job.

The coach is getting his first go.....and the players don't even know what position they play.The only plus side at this level is that results aren't important.

My own theory is that JW doesn't place enough emphasis on this part of the game......simple as that.He overanalyzses the opposition and he needs his forwards to counter every possible senario.....mostly using them as defenders and forgets that they are supposed to be used as an attacking entity in their own right as well.

Probably one of the reasons we always give the ball away so easily, we don't know what to do with it when we have it?

The stormers have made a couple of interesting purchases over the last couple of weeks, so they might have a good chance. Problem is, that they remind me of France, brilliant the one week, and just as poor the next. I think a definite chance to be in the semis.

How do you rate the Bulls for next year, and no comments about Boere mentality!
St Pete

I have to agree with you on this one.

Faarrrk, it's difficult to have a conversation with three different people on MSN and then on this board!

Scaringly true IMO. Jake needs to get away from the monitors for a while and get back to the field.

I still believe he is a good coach, but he must realise that he too needs to evolve to stay ahead of the pack.
St P

So you're saying he is a reactive strategist. He looks at what the other guys do and then builds his gameplan on countering what they do instead of building an offence?

Yes,exactly......he is a "re-active strategist"
Davids, much like NM, he based his gameplan with the boks on being the best defensive team around, because we play so much rugby against the best attcking teams in the world (NZ and Wobblies). Which is in my opinion why we'll be able to beat all the teams around exept the Poms, They just execute their gameplan so much better than we do ours. And they have basicly the same gameplan as they do.  
Ooops, I meant to say they have the same gameplan as we do!  
The Poms just have better structures for Andy Robinson to spend time with his players and programme them to be complete automatons, just like whingeward did in 2003.

The bottom line though is that winning rugby doesn't have to be pretty.

You get no style points in rugby. If you did, France and Fiji would contest every RWC final.

BTW, I had the pleasure of seeing Johan Roets' fiance this week. Was a work thing with my wife. I'll just say BLIKSEM!!!

Now I know what he was thinking (daydreaming) about when he should have been fielding THAT up and under....

And they're getting married same time as wpw.

In honesty, my attention would have been in the same place...
Aldo, i think the Bulls should do well. If they continue where they left off last yr it and maybe win 2 or 3 games overseas, they will make the semi's. If they can get a home semi final then i think they will make the final cos we all know how well they play at Loftus...

I hope they play Olivier at 12, give Dlulane a chance as well as Gurthro at prop...

P.S. What i like about this site is that there are no insults flying around and even though i dont really like most Bulls supporters, i've actually met quite a few decent ones like you guys...
That's why females are the biggest problem we face in rugby. The guys think of naughty stuff, like Davids cheerleader thoughts, and they end up messing up an up & under!  
Oh and before i forget:

'Maak al die Stormers Bokke'

Doc Craven said you're only as good as your last game. The Bulls didn't play a good last game on Loftus this year. Anyway, I have to agree with you, I'd allways back the Bulls in a semi at home. Mind you, I'd back the bulls anywhere!

I'll take your ps as a compliment. Pity I can't say that I don't like WP supporters, my father's a one eyed WP supporter and my best friend as well. He even went as far as buying a freestate shirt to wear at the Dros where we watched the final, just to piss me of!
wpw, just doesn't have the same ring to it. You guys need Nataniel do write you a proper song, like Steve "The Hoff" Hoffmeyer has done for us.  
lol aldo. why nataniel? I can't stand that dude, i mean that chick...or should i say mofgat.  
Ja Also

I'm sure Kandas had something to do with it though...., seeing as she also works for a sports media company....


I actually DON'T think the 11th Feb is going to be a 50/50. I honestly think the Bulls will be hurting and HM's boys are gonna come out cooking with gas.....and a point to prove.


have you doctired that picture yet?
Oh, and aldo. I see that Steve was the top selling artist in SA this year. I guess the dutchmen love to support their own. lol.

No seriously, i'm not taking the piss. I have nothing against Afrikaners, i just dont like those who are verkrampt... not that Afrikaners are the only ones, i know coloured ppl who despise blacks. My brother is one of them...

And i know of coloureds who despise whites too. Or at least they cant get over what happened in the past...

Like i always say, Cant we all just get along? lol
Good attitude wpw

Wish everyone had that...

It is a definite problem, and you're right, Us afrikaners do support each other. But I don't think it's bad, it only becomes bad once it reaches the stage where you don't have time for anyone else. Anyway, I bought his DVD and I love afrikaans music and part of our culture. But I don't only listen to white Frikaans people, I happen to think that BBVK is a great band.

I think SA has a long way to go, to reach total reconciliation. I was talking to a black lady at work yesterday and allthough I get a long with her, she still made mention of the fact that she'll never learn how to speak Afrikaans, because it reminds her of Apartheid and Hendrik verwoerd. Allthough I can understand this and see the need for us whities to work on that image,it is also, neccesarry for the other races to try and get over the past, so that we can all get along and not associate (spelling) a languase with something.
My afkorting lyk nie reg nie, dit moes wees bvdk, ek dink. Anyway dis short vir Brasse van die kaap!  
agree aldo. i work with 4 souties and race never comes up. it just doesnt. i really feel so at ease here and when i hear ppl talk about the past and stuff about the white man it just makes me sad.

One of our suppliers, a printing company has a suite at Newlands and our rep invited us. His an afrikaner who works for a coloured oke and they are the best of friends. They make jokes about race but nothing too hectic... I was lmao cos everyone thought the white oke was the boss but it was the other way around...

I really enjoy seeing ppl of all cultures and backgrounds mixing and getting along...

I dont reaaly listen to Afrikaans music but there are a few treffers that arent too bad...(dont tell anyone on i said that) lol

on the 50/50ness of the 11 Feb game in Bloem- dont you think the Cheetahs have something to prove as well- maybe they will not be hurting as much- but to your opinion- what will changeand more importantly- who will captain the Bulls?
I wont wpw. I work for a black guy as well, and he's the coolest person on earth. We get along brilliantly. Oh and I wont tell anyone at keo that you like Afrikaans music!  

I must agree with davids. I dont know who'll captain the Bulls, but I think HM will motivate his boys, all you need to do is come to PTA and you will se how much we hurt. But I'm not going to say to much, otherwise I have nothing left for the article! ;-)
Hey aldo. Somehow i dont believe you. LOL

And i never said i like Afrikaans music.Only certain songs...hehehe

O ek wil huistoe gaan na mama toe...die riviere....LOL
How can you not believe me wpw. I promise I work for a black guy. COmpany name is Ke Nnette technology solutions. And we do get along great. I was surprised to see just how cool he is.  
Aldo, i meant that i dont believe that you will be quiet about my taste in Afrikaans music. lol. From reading your pervious comments i have summed you up as an honest dutchman. lol

Or should i say honest boere thug!
lmao. i'm just trying to liven up the thread...

I know i will lose vs all you guys cos it seems i'm the AA poster on this site...
Well they were talking about adding colour to the site! Lol

I prefer to be called an Stoere Afrikaner met die stoere waardes van 'n sterk bees, of so iets, but Boere thug will do!lol

This thread is quiet, wee need to add some spice. Oh and you were right, I'll use your love of the Afrikaans culture and our music, especially "Die Blou Bull song" at the first oppertunity I get!

the only way that you should lose is if you talk nonsense- not because you are the only one talking it.

BTW Who are the 4 Souties that you work with- Do we know them, and why do you have a printer for a client?

;-) HSM stuff this.... to the bone
Op 11 Feb gaan Vodacom rock met

" Ons weet nie van verloor af nie"

dan is dit weer "lights-on" aldus Willem De Waal

Sien want die kort termyn geheue-so met 'n krismis drinksessie saam- eish ja, met eish
Dis nou Vodacom Park, in Bloem  
I read on that there is rumours of Clive Woodwhine might be replacing Eddie Moans.

I guess theARU are busy with long term planning. To win the WC in 2019 again.

Ek weet, want dit is mos my span se song daardie!!!
No you dont know the 4 souties... Anyway, we just having fun, me & aldo(boere thug)

I work for a graphic design company in CT, i do the bookkeeping and am the training client liaison... We also do advertising and print jobs, we sub contract the printing though...
Nee Donner

Hulle reken net dat jy een moaner met 'n ander moet vervang. Bly met wat jy gewoond aan is. Sal great wees as Woodward hulle coach, al like ek nie die wobblies nie, is hy 'n moerse pro en hulle strukture ook, so ek dink hulle gaan mekaar komplimenteer. Dit kan moontlik moeilikheid vir die Bokke op die lang termyn beteken.
I wasn't having fun. I feel offended and dirty at being called a boere thug! ;-) lmfao  

just phishing- bru
OK Aldo, i will start calling donner the boere thug... LMAO

Where is he today? I worked out his age, i think he is now 31 or 32 if i'm not mistaken... So i need to call him Oom Donner. lol. Only 2 or 3 yrs older than me then...

Go see Davids' thread, I played a bit of Noot vir Noot!
David Kramer? lol. Thanks but NO THANK YOU!!!  
So aldo, when you coming to visit us in CT to support your fav team WP? We all know you are a closet supporter... lol  
I was thinking of going there next year. The koos on keo's site, invited me for Snoek and wine, so it will definitely be next year.

I'll come look you up and then we can trade jersey's. I'll wear your Bulls one and you can wear my WP one, seeing as we're both closet supporters! LOL
Egad old chap, how canyou not like David Kramer?  

Ek het al voorheen vir jou gesê dat jy nie bekommerd moet wees oor ons boere nie. Dit is die ouens met die fur op die dash wat jou gaan seermaak.
Eish, vuil voel ek nou, die nick wat ek gebruik het moes nie Ig in gehad het nie!  
LMGA Donner. Die ouens met die dices wat hang op die rear view spieel? Of die 3L cortina met cyclone  

Deesdaae is dit Toyota Tazz met down lights en om petrol te bespaar gebruik hulle klank krag.

Draai net die speakers na agter en voila, hy haal amper 60 km/h
Ja Donner, maar daai is gevaarlik. As jy jou kar te sag sit dan ry hy stadiger as 60, en in Danville, as jy stadiger as 60 ry, steel hulle jou mags en as jy vinniger as 60 ry, dink hulle jy wil dice!  

Dit is oraait as hulle wil dice. Ry net deur die naaste tonnel of onder deur 'n brug.

Hulle sal eers stop om iets teen die muur te skryf en dan wen jy.

My damned USB is the one with the expander in!

Our IT guys have set our pc's so we need administrator access to download anything.

I'll have to send it to you Monday.

Clever IT- I would say
Okay Davids

Not the end of the world!
Depends on which perspective you're looking at it from OO

Should have said pictures and all that is cool, but software...uh uh

Not a chance...
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