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Monday, December 05, 2005


The daily Soap Opera in the Highbury-Safika Offices of Keo

Our secret team of invstigatirs are recording keo as we spek. Although they were out parting this weekend so missed why we got 'skopped' out without notice. Nevertheless here, for the first episode of the Chronicles of Keo is the tape from Highbury-Safika's offices:

Keo: Damn my dingaling hurts

Ig: Um, what was that?


Ig: Is that cream working? What did you tell your wife?

Keo: I told her it was an antibiotic for the flu in my groin

Ig: Hahahah you have ‘voëlgriep’

Simon: That’s what you get for messing about with butterflies of the night

Ig: More like flies of the night….

Keo: One day Stu….one day you’re gonna trip and fall and I’m gonna be there…

Chris: Howzit! Is there anything for me to do?

Keo: No, you’re fired

Chris: Why oh why? Oh my god what am gonna do now?

Keo: I don’t care, the Muppits don’t like you so you’re outta here. Stu, have you shut those bastards up yet?

Ig: Um, ja, but they’ve like started their own show.

Keo: WHAT? Where? How dare they? Ban them!

Ig: From what?

Keo: MY website you idiot!

Ig: You closed it down short shit

Keo: Grrrrr…….. oh, ja….um I remember, Chris! You’re not really fired. Get that belt off from around your neck you stupid git.

Simon: What’re you gonna do this week?

Keo: I’m off to cover the George 7’s. I am a rugby journalist after all.

Simon: Ja, South Africa’s very own Stephen Jones

Keo: What was that?

Simon: Nothing. Chris, you can’t slit your wrists with a letter opener idiot.

Ig: I am gonna ‘build’ a new

Keo: Exactly. It will be called and I will be emperor and all Muppits will be required to swear allegiance to me forever and I will become president for life of SARU………moohahahaha……….mooohahahah……..moohahahah……………will someone stop that idiot from jumping out the window. We’re on the first floor for heaven sakes….
LOL, brilliant, DavidS!!! See, I couldn't have gone a month missing this!  

Classic. Can see Keo just waiting for Stu to fall. You guys think Stu wears a Ball box to work. Just in case Keo headbutts him.
i wonder if keo can be knocked over by a fly swatter?

the image davids paints is that of a hobbit! small man in the real world!
Great stuff DavidS!!!


Can we talk?

You'll have to enlarge my pic to see the real me! :)
Thanks okes

I've decided that we need additional colour

So from now on, I will make at least one post as The Tackler and one as St Michel per day


You need my numebr or something?
Ahhhh man, this is just great! I see old Iggers is here as well, great stuff.  
love the pic ras!  
Didnt realise Keo was married ...

Had always thought that he was one

of either of Nancy's play things.

Every day is a school day ....

He is everybody's play thing
How the hell do I publish stuff now?  
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