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Friday, December 09, 2005


Cricket report

Proteas back on the winning trail
December 09 2005 at 12:09PM

By Trevor RobbPerth - South Africa scored their first win on tour with an eight-wicket hammering of a Western Australia Chairperson's XI on Friday but celebrations were tempered by an injury to their lone spinner.Left-arm spinner Nicky Boje cut his right hand early in the one-day game and did not return to the field as the tourists reached the victory total of 193 in 35 overs.Team officials, already grappling with injuries to captain Graeme Smith and all-rounder Jacques Kallis, said Boje would miss the three-day tour match starting on Sunday but would be fit for the first Test.

Kallis did not play
South Africa's problems were highlighted when fitness trainer Adrian Le Roux was brought on to field for the tourists as they restricted the local side for 192 for nine in the allotted 46 overs.Herschelle Gibbs and Jacques Rudolph then notched up an unbeaten 91 and 58 respectively to carry the Proteas to victory. Openers Graeme Smith with 24 and AB de Villiers who made 18 were the only South African wickets to fall.Kallis did not play after damaging tendons in his left elbow and has not practised since arriving in Australia.Meanwhile bowler Charl Langeveldt, who missed South Africa's second innings during this week's drubbing by Western Australia with a chest infection, managed just eight overs before leaving the field.But the tourists, who have brought just 14 players to Australia for their three-Test tour, showed much better bowling than in their opening-match innings loss to Western Australia.

'I feel we're getting there'
Garnett Kruger took an impressive 4-33 off eight overs on Friday while Shaun Pollock took 2-22 off seven.Coach Mickey Arthur said he was much happier after the win."I feel we're getting there. We are still not where we want to be but we want to peak for the 16th," he said. "Everything was positive that we took from today."Arthur said Smith was almost back to full fitness and would play in the three-day match against a Western Australia XI starting on Sunday.He said Boje would miss that match but doctors said he would play in the Test despite the stitches in his hand."Jacques (Kallis) has had some cortisone treatment on it (elbow) and will have some more tomorrow," he said. "He won't play the three-day game."Arthur said Kallis may be able to bat on the last day of the warm-up game but it was more likely he would have intensive nets training in the days leading up to the Test.He said Kallis was at the crossroads with his injury but he was optimistic he would also be able to bowl during the Test match.

Aussie Drake het hulle gat gesien!!!  
Thank goodness they're striking form again. After that previous game, I thought 0-3 whipping here we go. But after this match, I'm more possitive.
Glad Rudolph and Gibbs got some runs before next week. If they're in form alongside Smith, then the Aussies will have a loooong summer.
It's AB's turn in the next match.
Anywa, nou vir ernstigger noot. Ek het geweet ons gaan vandag wen. Oneday cricket is ons een van die beste spanne, dit is toets krieket waarmee ons sukkel. En dit is my probleem, toets krieket is ware krieket, nie hierdie oneday gemors nie. Maar ek hou maar duim vas vir volgende week. Bly Jacques het lopies gekry!  
Bloembull, don't get to exited. It might just be a looong summer for us.


Where can I get a Eddie Andrews pic. I can't find one on the Weskaapse Poefters site. Please send me a link if you know where.
Once again there is a eery silence on this site.... No one here but me, wonder what they have to steal in their fridge. I am quite hungry to be honest. hmmmmm, funny fridge this, there is no Bluebull Steak in here. What kind of people live here. Lets see what they have in their one will know it's me. Lets see, combination is 74-15-39-3 worked! WHAT, nothing, only this letter. Wonder what it says.

Letter to all Bull supporters (that's me).

HAHAHAHA, jokes on you, guess who's the cc champions. Wait what's that you say, sorry boet, winning against Province doesn't get you the CC. What's that, oh Ollie's fault, wrong again, it was all Kandas' fault! Ah finally the right answer, the Cheetahs have the CC this. And you bunch of arrogant pricks are going to get it till you manage to get the CC again! (which I hope is next year) HAHAHAHA, the Bulls have lost it and are hurting, is it the end of the mighty Bulls? Yep you're right, you will never recover!

Kind Regards
The Rest Of South Africa!

Does that sum up how you guys feel? ;-) Just a joke by the way!

Die sypaadjie se rand is te stomp vir jou probleem boet- maar ek sien uit na maandag se arti
Do you guys like the "new" front page so far or am I at fault there as well?  
aldo you are still taking this hard i see.  
i can always work on a post to explain how the bulls must be the only team in SA to know what the AB's felt like in 1995 if you want.  

Maybe you should work on something like that. Allthough I think you can leave the Suzie part out, I can't recall anyone having cramps on matchday!

Aldo those wounds run deep I see.

At least you didn't win the 'On Paper" team of the year award!!!

I think there was a few cramps from teh stands after the final whistle.
Can't you find a better photograph of MENEER Frik Du Preez!!!!  
That's cos they were feeling blue donner...  

I am ver, very happy with your work thus far. Keep it up good man, I am sure the guys appreciate all the effort you put in to ensure the KF does not strike. :-)

No cramps. just absolute silence. I watched at the Dros and you wouldn't believe the silence after the final whistle. I could only speak about ten minutes later. No anger, no dissapointment, nothing, those ten minutes were filled with shock and only shock! Only after that did the dissapointment and anger come.

I'm looking for a link to a pic of Steady Eddie. I don't want to humiliate Oom Frik by having his picture on my Profile.

I guessing the way every pub in SA was dead silent for the ten minutes after we drew that Cricket WC match with the Aussies in 1999 and got knocked out when Anal Donald got himself run out.....


Very very good work thanks for all the effort.

Place is starting to get a real identity to it...
HI all

Orakel of to mind his offspring

cheers, thanks for a great on-line week

Ruggaworld- you have done yourself proud!
Do I have to write crap little stories to get you guys talking on this site?

It's raining, it raining!


Enige reen daar in die Vrystaat? Dit het so halfuur terug hier in PTA begin reen.

Weet julle wat pla my, ek werk omtrent 'n katspoeg vanaf Fortress Loftus en kon altyd gaan kyk na die CC, nou is daar net 'n lee kas waar hy moet staan. Selfs al wen ons die S14 sal dit nie dieselfde wees nie. Ai, genoeg daarvan, anders gaan OO Maandag nie meer 'n artikel kry van wat die Bulle moet doen om op te staan volgende jaar nie, maar eerder hoe hartseer ek is oor die CC weggevat is.
OK I am off. Enjoy the weekend.  
Oh before I forget, Kandas, this place is starting to look great. Come January, keo himself will have to come post here, cos no one wants to go to his site anymore!  
lol Aldo

Ten menste wen julle hom redelik baie....

Dit reen in Joburg

Moerse ongeluk op Gillolys en ek kan sien die verkeer staan stilop die N12 tot by ons gebou wat so 5 kilos weg is daarvan af...


It's been real today

Cheers okes.

BTW I posted that arti on OORB that you requested. Please change the font for I can't figure out which one and size you use.
Yip, been great. I'm off to enjoy the weekend. Just need to go pick up the take aways and DVD's, then I'm heading home. See you guys Monday. And all you buggers better post on my thread at OO on Monday, even if it is just to say how crap it is!  
hendrik verwoerd is ny hero.LOL

Ja right, its like blue bllod saying that jonathan kaplan is his favourite ref...

i've just been to to have a look at the archives and some articles in the beginning of 2004 and 2005. Hectic is all i can say... Even some of my own posts were a bit over the top... Anyway, i got a few email addresses and mailed some of the guys like veltie, brickwall and a few others...
"Anal Donald" LMFAO!  
That's great wpw, don't you have a link with Bobby or eddie for me? Fark that sounded Gay!!!

You're right on the posts at keo wpw, some of mine is shamefull to say the least. I think we all lost our heads from time to time!
why so quiet today? did you get my mail i sent anout santa? the one i sent to your private address?

we having our end of yr function in a few hr's. going on a yacht around camps bay and watchin the sunset. Partners also included. Hope i dont feed the fish and get sea
I meant about you emailing the guys is great. The more the merrier!  
i will try to find one of eddie, i know he is your hero. lol

have you tried i'm sure you will get one, i mean, eddie is one of their best
maybe go to player profiles...
I must say one thing about Eddie though. The guy has passion. I can still remember the goosebumps I felt when I saw him crying in his first game against the Irish! And his joy as Bakkies scored his try.  
Now I can't embarres anyone. No pics. I'll go get somone hot to pu in my profile!  

Nee dit reen nie- dis net hond warm hier in Bloem
agree aldo. look, i know eddie is not the strongest tight head in SA or maybe the best scrummager but i remember when he 1st made the Bok side, that season he was brilliant. I know Daan Human also had a good yr for the Stormers and the whole team did well, in 2004 when we made the semi's... Eddies work rate is high and i still think he has something to offer.

When ppl say he is a quota, that is what i disagree about...

Anyway, enough of your idol. lol.
do you remember the lord? he used to comment on and was banned i think. well, i found his email address and nancy's too. I dont even wanna think of what the okes who do to me if i invited
cheers guys. i'm off to the function. enjoy your weekend. kandas, please post the story i mailed you re: Durban being snubbed by SARU for TN tests in 2006...  
Ahhhhh, alone at last, now where's that button I'm not allowed to push?  
I like this simple, direct appeal from this small club in the States,

We have the commitment. We need your help with the resources. Our current annual budget runs in excess of $4500 per year, covering our Union Dues, jerseys, training equipment, awards banquet, promotion, post game celebrations, and community outreach. You can help in a number of various ways. Any individual or business who contributes $100 or more will be recognized on our Golden Egg Plaque on display at C.B. and Potts Family Sports Bar and Restaurant. You will also be included in any Flamingo promotional materials or club T-shirts as an official sponsor of our club. We also accept any product donations (sports equipment, jerseys, Gatorade, beer, etc.). Any donation in excess of a $100 value will be recognized in the same manner as a cash donation. You can expect no less than our sincerest thanks, promotion, and club patronage of your business establishment.

We are also currently in search of one major sponsor in excess of a $3,000 sponsorship. This sponsor would be recognized as such on our jerseys and in all promotional material and media coverage. Your business will be recognized on banners at our field, all club promotions (golf tournaments, Flamingo 7's, etc.), and on our club T-shirt. In return you can expect no less than a reciprocal agreement to use and actively promote your product or service, and most of all our sincerest thanks for helping us make this a club of our dreams --- you might call it our "Field (Pitch) of Dreams."

"If you are interested in helping the Fort Collins Flamingos,
please feel free to contact one of the following.

Club President
Terje Whitmore
Home: 970-226-1420
Cell: 970-988-2191

Or send your donation or interest to:
Fort Collins Rugby Club Ltd.
P.O. Box 955
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Fort Collins Rugby Club is a Tax-exempt, Nonprofit, Charitable corporation."
Aha, another SA rugby blogger
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