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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Cape Town Rugby Festival 2006

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities, if not the most beautiful, in the world. You have the spectre of Table Mountain in the centre of the city, the mythical meeting place of the Two Oceans, Indian and Atlantic, the vineyards of the Western Cape and a large friendly multi-cultural population.

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (V & A) is a great tourist venue with an abundance of good restaurants, bars & shops. The V & A is within walking distance of your hotel.

Cape Town is a paradise for shoppers and of course our quality foods and abundance of drink are extremely affordable to all. Never forgetting the “diamonds”.


The festival is being held in early August so teams in the Northern Hemisphere can finish their preparations for the coming season and the Southern Hemisphere teams can wind down their season.

So far we have had interest from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Portugal, Italy, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia.

The event will be hosted at Hamiltons Rugby Club, one of Cape Town’s leading rugby clubs. Cape Town proudly boasts some of the oldest clubs in the country, the oldest having being founded in 1875. Teams will be matched as evenly as possible and full time referees will be employed to maintain as high a standard as possible.
We are inviting teams of all levels to come and play in what we hope will become an Annual event. Whether you are a first class team, an Extra B or a women’s team or even an Old Crocks side we would love to have you here to enjoy Cape Town.
An exciting program is planned to cater for all rugby enthusiasts in 2006. Arranged activities off the rugby field will ensure that an exciting and eventful week in Cape Town will be remembered, not only for it’s sporting aspects but it warm hospitality.

Exciting aspects of the weeks programme would include optional local sightseeing to the famous landmarks of Cape Town like Table Mountain, Cape Point and not forgetting the fruit of our wines. With this in mind all are welcome so bring family, friends and club supporters to cheer you on from the sideline whilst participating in the game we all love.

To keep camaraderie flowing evening activities will be included in the programme offering the rugby enthusiast the opportunity to have other nightlife activities!
• Dinner at the oldest Wine Estate in South Africa
• Walk the hallowed turf of Newlands Rugby ground followed by dinner in the stadium
• Comedy show offering SA’s best humour
• Meeting and mixing with local rugby clubs members
• Farewell “ruck” at the host venue
* NOTE The tournament itself will consist of 4 days of rugby and maybe a rest day in between. Should there be a Tri-Nations International or a Currie Cup match on at Newlands on Saturday, the Friday fixtures will be played. If there is no match at Newlands on Saturday, we will play on Saturday and Friday will be a day at leisure with optional tours available.

For contact details please go to
Aldo & wpw are thugging each other  
lol Donner

Sounds like a plan for us to attend seeing as we're old crocks.

Maybe, if we have enough guys on the site, we can put together a team and challenge the poison dwarf and his minions and Jan De Koning and buddies at 365 to a tournament of rugby websites!!!!

Will the gay teams from up north also invade Kaapfontein?

Unfortunately us Capetonians take our hosting duties seriously so Bloem & Bulls mofballs will be allowed in and treated decently.

Considering we don't have much knowledge of the gay community in Cape Town we are contracting the services of some experts from Pretoria to instruct us on how we should conduct ourselves and what entertainment to lay on.

We are proposing making The Bronx available to Pretoria teams.

Ja we can even invite Kurt Darren to perform for them. Don't think Bliksem will be to happy about that though.
Aldo's not going to like the two of you.....  
donner likes dressing up in drag!!!  

What's up dude- Bloem mofballs who doesnt take their posting responsibilities seriously?

Nice story on Bermuda- was not covered widely in the mainline press though.
Guys, i was on the silver fern now just to check out their forum and to my surprise i found a regular muppit we all know who posted a thread about S14 and SA's chances...

Should i post it so you can check it out?
the oke supports FS Cheetahs nogal...  
Ag, i cant wait anymore:

Who to watch out for in the S14
« on: December 06, 2005, 08:46:18 AM »

I am starting to drool allready.... but the Free State Cheetas I reckon is going to bring honour to the SA rugby fraternity.

The Free State really is the most understated/humble province in SA. No Divas like the Bulls and the Stormers or surfbots like the Sharks.... people in Bloemfontein play rugby because they enjoy it more than for money. As it is a poor province you would have to be loyal to something else than money to play for them.

Furthermore you guys will be introduced to Jannie du Plessis.... not only is he going to be a GREAT Sprinbok Front rower one day but this boy has his priorities straight he has just qualified as a medical doctor.... reminds me of the old days where there were more degrees in the Springbok team than players.

Anybody to watch in Aus/NZ?

« Last Edit: December 06, 2005, 08:50:53 AM by Duluth » Logged

R.I.P. ROZIER VAN BLERK (29years old) . Great guy, good heart, mean boot, wonderful offspin bowler. Victim of stupid, violent rugby fans! Have fun up there big guy!

Season Ticket Holder


Posts: 395

Re: Who to watch out for in the S14
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2005, 08:59:06 AM »

Oh yes and Ruan Pienaar...... he looks slow but
Guys, check out my breaking news story...  
Now i remember him, he was on keo a few weeks back asking the muppits to email the family of his friend who was attacked in PTA i think... Erich you chop!!!  

Bloem mofballs?
Yes wpw

And before the 3N he claimed that he would now leave keo because we were such a bunch of hurtful uncaring gits.

Then he went to silverfern and became a bunny to the kiwis and slated keo at every turn....

I would agree he is a chop.
wpw they are only there because they have yet to learn teh quality of RW  
you should read some of their comments, he is not the only saffa there. there are more of them and they are gat-kruiping big time...  
Touche PA


hey that rhymes!!!!!!!!!!!!

go post a link to RW....
hehe, you wont be the first saffa to get banned from there........hehe  

read Rasputin's post early on the thread

Seeing that I get associated with Tackler when I put things in quotes.

On the silverfern issue- I still think that NZ is to small a country to suck up to- and that the RWC 2011 will cost them big. At this stage the only winner is the NZ PM.


On the silverfern-gatkruiper being a Cheetahfan- does the name "eugene" ring any bells?

I'm a dyed in the wool Cheetahs supporter!!!!! Whenever they are not playing WP!!!!!

Any references to mofballs should be treated with the contempt it deserves, especially when said tongue in cheek!
Pejorative terminology should not slip in here, it's WPW's influence but I've slapped myself on the wrist!!  
lol OO

Okay I've learned my lesson thank you.

No more contentions of being The Tackler

I'm not from Pretoria either....

In the East Rand, even our moffies are tough. They have dronk word sessions at their clubs and then head out to gang beat straight okes!
Geez Rasputin

It must really grate you that the two mofball teams beat the straight up powerhouse manne of the WP in every game they played this year.....

Maybe that's why you beat the Lions. They're straight so you weren't afraid of them...

How 'bout my idea of entering us and challenging the keoites and 365 boys to a knock out, as long as keo doesn't bring some of his guest bloggers.

I'd hate for us to pitch up and face poison dwarf, Simin, Chris, Ig, and

Nic Mallet
Gcobani Bobo
Olliefant etc...

just checking ;-)


I used to travel by train to OMC- tough place the east rand- I agree

On the moffies- some of their male "bere" is really "hard-assed"( no pun intended ;-) ) sob's and as usual with most sexual delinquints- they travel in groups- luckily not on the train to OMC.

Strange sub-group the gay's- sometime I think the "Bere" likes the fact that the "moffies" is in the closet- then they can exploit them more- something like the Pimp-prozzie relationship.
DavidS- OORB will bring some re-inforcements as well- some might just be ugly surprises- watch next years contributers list at OORB.  

maybe a tourney of Touch at next yeras KKNK- with the dwarf' men

Can you imagine how the "The Oracle" will spaketh on such an event.

If keo pitches with guest bloggers we're f---ed

I can hear the Oracle say

And here lyeth the carcasses
of the brave warriors
of the Ruggaworld
Who did stupidly

Chalenge the poison dwarf
To battle and then did the
Poison dwarf cheateth for
he did call up the

Greatest Warriors of the
Rainbow land and as the
Ruggaworld Rugulars arrayed
For battle did they

That among the army of the
Poison Dwarf did standeth
Nic the Hammer, Bryan the
Archer, Gcobani the Bearded

Schalk the Dangerous, Joe
The strong, Fabio the Beautiful,
Ollie the Elephant and Schalk
The Greater

Lo and beholden did the men
Of the Irregulars crappeth
Themselves and they were
Eaten alive by these great

Warriors and their rent
Carcasses left in the sun
For the vultures to
Feast upon

And then did the
Ruggaworld cometh unto
an abrupt and sticky end

The End....
Good one DavidS

So Ollie is not that unfit hey?
here here  

Compared to us....

Olliefant is the epitomy of fitness.

Can you imagine Donner and I with our roker hoesies trying to tackle Burger King!!!!!!

Or Kandas trying to compete in the loose with Schalk, Joe VN and Fabio....

We'll be dead dead dead.
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