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Thursday, December 08, 2005



The first official Brannasnacht of Rugga World wil be held on Thursday 8 December 2005 at 21H00 CET. Please feel free to join and be sure to leave all baggage at home. Partners are welcome to join. See you there and remember, due to the youth of the site we are not as yet able to supply the drinks, but feel free to bring your own.
Apologies, Donner, I simply had to move that story to the top!!!!  
You did the right thing, Ras!
Chat you guys tomorrow night.
This sucks. Two people.

Come on, it doesn't take much imagination to push this beyond a couple of people.

It only requires committment - are you in or are you out?

Sheesh guys, customers don't come to you, we have to get out there and get them.
I'm not posting anything tomorrow.

I deliberately advanced the dates on my latter posts tonight so there will be new stuff in the morning but I refuse to be a lone ranger on this.

So, I've given a start to the new day but someone will need to pick it up and run with it.

I'm not angry or disappointed or anything like that, simply being realistic, I cannot devote that amount of attention to the site out of sheer love.

DavidS and I are the ones submitting stories and it's great but, at least in my case, not sustainable, not with a wife, work etc.

So, guys, we need to work together, all of us, to sustain PA's brilliant creation.
Other than that, I look forward to Brannasnacht, as a participant or lewd spectator.

Unfortunately it looks like DavidS will miss it again.
Jeez Ras, relax, only just Thursday on your side of the world, will pick up in due time!  
And while I am waiting, how do I get the picture in my posts?  
Never mind ;-) It worked this time, is it not a beaut?!?!  

You need to realise that we wanted to have a place to talk over the December period. Keo shut down because he knows from last years experience this is a time when nothing happens.

If this site goes further than December, we need to plan a bit more and then hit it when Keo is up again. We are not going to get a hell of alot posters at this stage. The ppl are going on holiday, the rugby is over (Sevens are abviouly not considered as rugby - pity) and they are winding down the year.
Hey RAS, i'm here. One of the faithful few. lol  

Are you planning this as a money making thing?

I thought we'd be the using this as a place to chat while keo was closed and if people visited...bonus.

ps. And if this is a business scheme, remember we've been going for four days only.

Go and have a look at keo's archives and see when he actually started to attract people. It was in 3N 2004, and that was after he began in RWC 2003. His first couple of threads didn't even have anyone commenting on them.
I would like to just call a point of order on the board.

Ras I understand your frustration regarding all the posts you have been making, but I would like to try and explain the following.

On Monday we were a bit pissed off when we realised Keo was shut down without any notice. Through various emails we decided to set up this blog to enable us to still communicate with each other over the period that Keo was down. Over the past two days, however things again changed and the blog started evolving. Some guys started writing their own articles instead of just posting form other sites and all of a sudden it satrted to seem viable to keep the thing going. Whether the articles was humourous in nature doesn't matter, it was written by the bloggers themselves.

This has therefore brought us to a situation where we will have to decide how we are going to continue. At this stage everybody is either very busy with unexpected projects that came along or they are winding down the year. I for one has had quite an up and down year and although the last five months wasn't very busy for me, there still was some stressfull to " wanna murder someone" situations. We all know Kandas and PissAnt are busy with something involving the SEC and SWD and thus it makes it difficult for them to find the time to write articles or even post comments. My own situation is that I am finalising my holiday plans and making sure that the machine keeps on running while I am away. It is therefore difficult to go and search for articles and with the way that the general feeling has changed over the past two days wrt the site, I would rather spend some time on writing an article and make it really something that will get the opinion juice flowing.

You must remember that even on Keo there were some articles that just didn't get hits. It was very usefull information and sometimes interesting, but the guys just didn't have an opinion on it. Either that or they agreed with the author.

Lets talk some bs and figure out what we want to do with the site and in the same time put some smiles on the stressed out board members' dial.

I agree with youand we will make this work. Just give some of us a day or two to sort out certain things. I will also send all the Board Members my suggestions.


I made your klippies bottle a bit smaller. Hope you dont mind?

No problem, I already did it myself this morning. Don't really want to see the stuff till tonight. :-D
Oranje_Orakel will be at Brannasnacht- as usual- mind you- have to make a trip to the "kwaadwinkel". My usual Brannasnacht papsak was ko-ed last week.

Ras relax- you guys are doing great.

Go slow and absorb it all, it what Gords posted before the 2005 Cc Final- hell and it worked.

Koos great photie daai- GROM SAAM!!

Donner- I know I have got my own blog- but I view ruggaworld as the potential nerve centre of other specialist blogs like OORB- so seeing that I mailed you & Kandas with my blogs- particulars before Ruggaworld started and that I was the 5 permanent member of the Thursday night thingy on Keo- now Brannasnacht- I will gladly participate as an "independant" Board Member. Just hope I will be more effective than Theunie Lategan.

Will discuss further to night.
Topic for this evening ?

I suggest Lessons in how to fit a 750ml bottle of brandy in to a 500 ml coke.

Get in the car and get to George. And don't stop at Ronnie's Sex Shop.
kandas - i have hit a snag, my boets opening a bar on friday - have to attend...i am hoping to get up on Saturday....  
Get up and drive? Or you gonna take it slowly by just getting up?
LOL Boertjie - Getting up should be a good start ! Hopefully i can still make George i haven't missed it for the last three years !  
Howzit Ig? Is this really you or is it Aldo again? Anyway, you guys hav competition i see. All the muppits will be flocking to Riggaworld...

Oh, and Ig, just to piss you off:

How the hell do I move Brannasnacht back to the top seeing as my post has come in at the top?  
ps. Ras

I'm with Donner on this.

Relax boet.

I'm frantically trying to finalise certain work things this week, before half the place goes on leave. Next week I'll have loads of time to help.


Morning Ig.

Why do you use a 500ml Coke bottle? My own experience is that it's best to use the 2l model, drink some of the Coke and then fill the Coke bottle with the brandy. The Coke bottle will then have a beautiful golden hue and smell sweeter.
Edit the Timestamp Davids

WPW - Dragons,Drakke,Drachen,Dragones and finally


No its really me.....
Ok, so who is going to get Klipdrift on board as an official sponsor of this site?  

Ek si net tackler, nie Ig nie, sal nooti so laag daal nie. Just kidding, but it is Ig this time, not me!
Thanks Ig  
OO daar is 'n ander een wat ek ook geniet het, sal hom dalk later gebruik! Maar die een sal ek vir 'n lang tyd hou.

Boys, nou net uit 'n vergadering, paar biere sterk, ja een van daai vergaderinge, maar ek moet aanskuif.

Geniet die brannas aand en ek lees graag more julle verhale.

Nog 'n week en dit is 'n bietjie vakansie vir my en dan kan ek julle join in die vroee oggend ure.

Tot later




Some great pieces this morning, thoroughly enjoyed them.

I just know how much you treasure that picture!!!

Hehehe, will it be another 30 years before you can take another like it?

Just realised, we are going out tonight. Will join you guys later than the 21H00 mark.

Anybody there?  
Hi anonymous, I think everyone is sparing themselves for future Brannasnachts.

Or they are on some obscure thread somewhere, yet to be tracked down.
ek moet eerlik wees, ek het niks posts gelees in die laaste 6 ure nie, so as ek die brannes ding opgefok het om dit weer bo te sit apologise ek baie. ek het net gereken vir die official eerste "BrannesNacht" (dankie OO vir die naming rights) behoort die arti of post van Donner eerste te wees! (Plus my heks gaan my moer as ek nie oplog vanaand nie)  
Okay Ras, seems me and you and Piepies have turned up.  

did you get your mail?
I'm sure that's not the problem, PA, everyone's probably just tired or so busy wrapping up towards holidays etc.

Never mind, there will be plenty of great Brannasnachts in the future.
manne, agv van ons local telecommunications company mag ek miskien net online wees to 11:00 vanaand, so moenie dink ek is ongeskik as ek nie post na 11 nie.

our local teleco company reckons its cool to do maintanence at 11 at night for 6 hours dumping the whole country in data connectivity darkness

lets just blame it on kandas!

well...........that is what i am doing. the bastard!
PA, what do you think of my new picture?  
LOL, PA, yip, Kandas is a convenient villain!

Boertjie, have you ever canoed up the Keurbooms?
Niks pos van jou gekry nie.
Have you guys heard of Boer Bokke goats?

I was brannasnachting by myself on the first thread and posted a link to

There is a helluva goat on there called 'Rooiman', real Alpha Male
I covered the Berg River Kanovaart a few times. We once had a competition for the media guy who can balance longest in a canoe.
The winner was 3.5 seconds.
It wasn't me.
That answers your question, right?
I can't get over that there is a club side in Athens called the Attica Springboks, with replica Bok jerseys and all.  
Sorry, dit was ek. Verkeerde opsie. Nee, niks pos gekry nie.

although that post is "politically correct", i prefer the old one!!!!


my apologies, sekere mense het my dan die verkeerde adres gegee.

i blame kandas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cause i CAN!!!!!!!

mail my jou adres na gou
HA! Back on top where we belong!  

i meant picture in my last comment to Ras-P - not post!
LOL Boertjie

Yip, that answers my question! LOL

Okay, have you ever been up the Keurbooms in a motor boat ;-)
although i had too many whiskeys already, whichi sprobably the reason i got that last post to Ras-P wrong............i balme KANDAS!  
But I have ascended Cockscombe - the highest peak in the Groot Winterhoek of which we talked the other night.
Yes PA - we may as well balme the absent Kandas for all he's worth.  
Now which Groot Winterhoek are we talking about today ;-)

I spent a total of 14 days up there, Boertjie, two trips of 7 days but we never actually went up the mountain, helluva sight though, it had snow on when we were there the first time.

Stunning area, really beautiful. Loved swimming in those crystal clear but cold rivers.
Howzit all
just catching up
This is the one near Piketberg I'm talking about now.  
I was hoping to see Oranje Orakel here tonight, tell him he has some great stories on his site, really enjoyed them.  
The one near Patensie etc.
Height 1759 metres.
My uncle's farm probably has the best view of CCombe and I've often been there when it had snow on.
Hey, I wonder if we can swing the comments column around? Get it to show the latest at the top and the first at the bottom?  
naand OO,
die anner wetters is MIA.

ek balme KANDAS!!!!!!!!
Hallo OO
Kleingoed in die kooi?
Hier in die Kaap waai die wind vandag heeldag al sewe soorte str*nt uit ons uit, so hopelik is julle reën op pad.
I haven't hiked up there, which is Kandas's fault, Boertjie, it must be stunning.

I'll google it and see if they have any pictures

Mount Cockscombe you say
Hey Ras I am here, really thankful to Murph , Koos, Kandas,DavidS and of course the one and only PA that had added immense value to OORB content.

Next year I will add some local posters, ea Sors on Schools Rugby and some other stuff- I want to get Shields dad along from Bethlehem- got long planns ;-)).

I also want John Cowper- Detroit for the USA perspective and with your permission I would like to Contact the Canadian, Chris that you highlighted today- for the Canadian flavour. I agree totally on the courtesy that overseas guys and -Saffa expats- must be afforded
Naand almal. Ek is nuut hier. Het voorheen op Keo "gelees", nooit tyd gehad om self te chat nie...  
Correct, Ras.
Haven't Googled it myself. You will easily recognise the shape of the cocks combe.
That specific part used to belong to a nature lover. There is a huge "bakkrans" (hollow cave?) that comfortably sleeps 20 plus.
It's about 4-5 hours hike to there, and from there another 2 hours to the summit.
And just below the cave there is (was?) a fully working flush toilet without a door and a hell of a view.
Nope, can't find an image but I didn't look too hard because it's all Kandas's fault anyway.  
Welkom! Dis ons nuwe bymekaarkomplek vir twakpraat.

Orakel I & III is lights-out, II kyk Heffalump saam met lights-out Mrs Orakel

Boertjie, ja ek kon vannaand aan die wind voel daar is iets koelerigs op pad.

Howzit ras- thanks for the kind word

Welkom Nuweland

Watter span skreeu jy voor :-))
Naand, Reinhardt, welkom.

Boertjie, it sounds gorgeous, I'm going to have a proper look later.

PA, can we put a banner up saying it is all Kandas's fault ;-)

LOL, Boertjie, that loo sounds amazing!
welkom reynhardt!

we dont balme you for not commetning on Keo, we just blame Kandas for it, its cool.

BTW, OO, another arti onthe way tomorrow!
Boertjie, what's that beautiful valley behind Stellenbosch?

I had forgotten all about it until our last trip home and we went for a drive through Stellies and came upon it again.

Lovely place, it has a couple of ring roads through it. They were filming something big in there when we were there.
kandas i will make a plan.

this blog is also his fault. check the main page and description in 5 minutes

What did the spear-spanker did to earn the -LETS BLAME IT ON KANDAS-tag?
Nah, Google has nothing.
Will stil mail you a pic shortly.

Was op jou site - mooi!
Ek wou self voorstel ons moet John Cowper (Detroit) nader sleep vir RuggaWorld - maar nou het jy seker jou kleim afgesteek ;-)
Is it a different bakkrans to this one, Boertjie?

die wetter het my net so besig gehad die afgelope paar dae, ek voel net alles wat verkeerd loop kan op hom geblameer word!
Some great pics here,  
Kandas hoef niks te doen om die balme te kry nie.

Hardloop jy nou op 'n karbattery?

Jonkershoek valley, with Die Pieke?
Yes menere,

Sal gou opvang
Boertjie, that was my exact thought a few days ago! To get John Cowper to visit.... I was going to try and look him up, are you saying OO has beaten us to it? ;-)

OO, I must say that I'm enjoying the Cheetahs website, they definitely have been energised by the S14 franchise and the CURRIE BEKER!!
duracel boertjie, duracel.............die triple a balmeer version.

en ja, dis kandas se skuld
PA, forgot to say I like the new site pic!!

Good work on the 'independent home' etc stuff too.

Soos ek reeds gese het vroeer, Ruggaworld moet bly voortbestaan en die core en nerve centre van brand spesifiek blogs soos OORB wees- daar is geen rede hoekom ek nie vir julle almal- Boertjie, PA, Donner, DavidS,Kandas en jy Kan vra om vir my rubrieke te doen nie. Dit gaan die die hele Syndicate net sterker maak. Dan kan ouens soos John, Koos Brisbane, Chris-Ottowa mos hulle berigte pos en die blogs waar dit nie op is nie- verwys die leser na die regte blog toe, soos ek met DavidS se storie gemaak het.

Die insight word net meer as dit gedeel word- en die kwaliteit wat hierdie week op ruggaworld gepos is is OSSOME-julle kook boet.
Jonkershoek, that's the one. Lovely area.

Thanks, Boertjie. Ever been up the Witels (sp?)?
Jammer dat ek so lank vat om te post. Ek het iewers verdwaal in die proses om 'n prent vir my op te sit. Gelukkig het ek my pad teruggevind...  
Bly om te sien die dinge het aan die gng gebly. Waar is Kandas? Uitgepaas op Panado??:-d  


Blame it all on the SpearSpanker
Nope, had a look on Van Biljon.
Cockscombe's bakkrans looks more a lees like this, less luxurious with just a fireplace (and the loo lower down!)
Baviaanskloof Mts is a different range slightly nort of this Groot Winterhoek.
Remember I told you the Grootrivier (later the Gamtoos) runs through the farm and breaks onto the plains through a gorge?
Howzit Donner

Het jy en Tafeltjie lekker geeet?
The SpearSpanker has probably told all the girls they have to come back down to Volstruis Huis and reaudition...  

Nie gaan eet nie. Die kinders by oupa en ouma gaan los vir die volgende twee dae.

Moet my dus nie kwalik neem as ek nie lank bly nie. :-D
Yes Donner
Uitgepaas op Panado - LOL!!!
donner ons weet nie, maar waarom ookal hy nie hier is nie, dis sy skuld!

OO, jy ken my gevoel oor wat jy gese het.


jy is so stadig soos die WP om talent in die kaap te hou, maar as a fellow supporter simpatiseer ek met jou.

gelukkig vind ons altyd ons pad terug.


thank Kandas (and blame him - because we must) for the changes on the site.
Welkom Reinhardt

Ek neem jou glad nie kwalik dat jy nie op Keo gepost het nie. Ek het maar self gesukkel met die ouens wat so afgedwaal het van die rugby praatjies.
Very true OO

Yes, Boertjie I remember you telling me. Must say that farm sounds wonderful.
Yip Ras

The CC was really an injection-up some of the locals arses- how Rassie had managed it- eish - it is still a miracle- but let me not go there again.

We are just "blessed" with a lot of Provencale decision-makers, goeie ooms, but sometimes a bit dof to the ways of the world- travelling nad getting exposed does not mean holidating at Balito in June, visiting the in-laws in gauteng twice in 5 years and the usual December rush to Hartenbos.

But hell- it was a moerse early X-mas present- my best yet

Ha,ha, baie waar...
No, but did a bit of camping in the Cederberge.
My wife is the adventurous one and the hiker - been in India, parts of Europe, archeological digs in Israel etc. etc. Belongs to a social walking club too.
Reinhardt, hope you won't mind if I ask how you found us?  
So should we blame Kandas for global warming as well. Can just imagine his temperature in the Spearleaders' dressing room.  
Donner maar jy is omtrent uit jou vel uit boet- ons sal jou verskoon- onthou net om volgens jou eie tips te werk ;-)  
"Provencale" decision makers!!

LOL, OO, must say I enjoy your humour!

Did I read right that you spent some time in Norway? If so, was it nice?

No, not at all. I read a posting on the Stormers website today. I think it was from you if I remember correctly...

The last ice age was Kandas's fault and no doubt the next will be too!
Well, pleased to see you here, your timing for Brannasnacht was spot on!  
I also placed a post on the Stormers and SARugby messageboards on Tuesday. Glad to see the guys are following us.  

did you see my proposal for a comic strip- a well traveled rugby sock- who always claimed that he was chowed by bliksem himself, a well used Jock strap and a "Spearleader" g-string(somehow I think that is what they wear ;-)..) These guys with some add-ons just manage to get into the baggage of all the teams when they tour- just think about the potential soap opera that can create

in advance - thanks for the next arti- OORB appreciate
Wel, ek gaan nou weer ongelukkig groet tot more... Ek moet more oggend vroeg opstaan. Dankie vir die geselsie, selfs al was dir baie kort. Praat weer more.  
Wow, Boertjie, adventurous indeed!

Must have been helluva interesting for her on the archaeological site in Israel.

Sukkel jy nog steeds met die log on?
Hallo almal

Donner word nie te vroeg verskoon nie, ek is darem nou ook hier
OO, as long as DavidS writes the script for the puppet show it would be hilarious.

David has a seriously funny touch.

I'd really like to see a compilation of the Keo/Chris/Ig/Simon show.
how did bush get voted into power??????????

kandas is a bastard!

nuweland, moenie worry nie, die currie cup kom weer.

isnt it strange how WP is the only union to have a song expressing how the CC is going to come back, but unions like the bulls has songs that every bloody team member should be a bok?

hopefully nataniel will compose a song next year saying "prooooooooooooooooooovince, die currie cup BLY weer"

Don't be to hard on Kandas over getting Bush elected. He was only trying to rectify his mistake of putting Saddam in power in the first place.
Can't believe the SpearLeader-in-Chief couldn't make it....

That man's reputation with the ladies precedes him!

If we want to ensure Kandas gets here we'll have to invite some stunners for Brannasnacht!
There was a 45 car pile up on the German autobahn tonight and the CNN TV newsreader said it's all Kandas's fault.  

But I am here
Ons wil jou nie wegjaag nie, maar dalk moet jy check of Tafeltjie nie al slaap nie?

She's been on UNISA's dig in the Biblical country twice.
Me, I mostly like my own bed, food and surroundings. A real wet blanket and getting worse with age.
LOL Donner!  
Cheers Nuweland


I spend 5 weeks Feb-March in Sweden- learning about the Stuff that Helkom is denying us- it was great

tech wise I learned a lot- but it was on the human side that- it had an immense impact on my personal mindset

Yes it klapped a lot of anger & furstration post 94 out of me- and also showed me what true governance means.

It is hellish cold- but an awesome place- really interesting people- beautiful women- but alas- was already happily married- Orakel I was 5 months olde- misses him & Mrs Orakel stukkend.
LOL, the google ad on the top of the front page is for 'Corporate Governance'!!!!!

Donner, your life's work is complete!!! Google picked you up!

On flash

Dont you think that if we use Flash correctly, we can add a lot of value with regard to interpretation of the games laws & analysis- pre & post big games?

that is an area that I want to develop OORB on
Damn, we better keep Kandas off this site in that case, we'll be plagued with google sex ads...;-)  

Longest Rugga World thread to date!
Nee, maar ek sien my opskriffies is swart en julle almal s'n is blou?
Behalwe Tafetljie s'n. So ons twee is dan maatjies ;-)


I wonder what he will say when reading all this.
So, Orakel I, III & Mrs down and out.

Just Orakel II & Pa Orakel to go.

Helluva difference between Bloem and Sweden! Was it in Stockholm?

Ouch, Feb-March, you certainly picked the coldest time! That's about the time of year when people with SAD syndrome are getting near to collapse!
Jou Afrikaanse vrou van Harrismith was seker nie 'n nooi Schoeman nie?
Ras ,

Did you expect anything less on Brannasnacht?

Last week was the record 300 posts
We really need to get Boertjie onto the 'blue' writing!

And a pic!
Nie wat, Boertjie, haar Pa kom van Harrismith af eintlik, sy was in die Kaap gebore, maar 110% Afrikaans.

I even get rusks.....

Did you get my mail on the model trains guy?

to be honest, i dont know enough about websites to agree or disagree with that, all i do know is thatg flash does offer a lot to websites especially a blog like this and yours.

lets just blame kandas for the fact that we dont have it yet.

it is like so unflashy........
Boertjie is a very limited person, especially when it comes to websites, etc.
Know my way around Word (the things that matter, that is) and e-mail. And a bit of Excel.
But Kandas is a willing publisher of my contributions - can't blame him for that.
Hallo Boertjie,

Ons is maatjies, so die volgende keer as jy en Donner 'n dop gaan drink sal ek maar moet saam kom
Geez, that was badly written, apologies for butchering the language!

Loved it, this week a British lifestyle magazine lost millions of pounds in advertising because one of their correspondents described the Afrikaans language as the 'ugliest in the world' without actually realising that Johann Rupert owns most of the companies advertising in the mag!!!!

LOL, what chance she keeps her job till Xmas? Silly girl.

Anyway, it's a cool language and helluva useful for travelling.
I am sure Kandas had something to do with that girl's ignorance for the Afrikaans language.  
I mailed Kandas a few pics, but I think he does not want to share them with anyone ;-)

Ja, Ras, Afrikaanse vroue is grootgemaak om hul mans te bederf :-) En bobotie, as ek reg onthou?

Only OO left to do BRANNASNACHT- at last.

Were based in Kalmar, in the south- bycicled over to Oland- they do it rain, shine or snow. In Kalmar is a lot of small expert tech shops- the place that develops all Ericsonn's mobile antenna'e "Intenna" is based there

had a week in the middle travelled to Stockholm- for the obvious delightful sites- even in grey

Then went to Huddiksvald and to the Ericsonn Optic cable factory- that was kind of awesome- but the really special place was Karlskrona

What is special that in ten years- local politicians- read no help from Stockholm- had transformed aformer Naval base-since 1600's only reason for existance- into a telecom City where 40 % of the world's RD on Cellular/ mobile techology is done.

That was really something to see.

normal people doing extraordinary things- on a daily basis.

man - that spoilt me
Boertjie, you can, and indeed, you must, blame Kandas for that.

Even when Kandas is useful, you must blame him.

Darwin described it as the natural order:

"Kandas is to blame and the world evolved despite him."

That was his word for word quote, you can google it.
Yip Donner thanks

Sal hom kontak- indien hy nie alreeds weg is vir die holidasies nie

PA- I will research Flash then

Ras- google Karlskrona- it will interest you.

Funnily- the province it is in- is called Blekinge- you figure that one.

The link between English & Afrikaans is also really clear when you get past the swedish phonetics- it is actually scarely close to Afrikaans- having the same germanic roots

Ek kry baboetie, karringmelk rusks, telefoon poeding, eenbok maalvleisgereg, Spaanse hoender ens.
i blame kandas for kakka christmas carols in malls that irritates me  

So when last did you have a lekka ou skaaptjoppie op die vuur?
Jou blikskottel! Dis alles jou skuld!!!

Iemand het iets gesê oor 'n WP liedjie. Ek onthou nog die jaar toe die Maleierkoor voor die eindstryd gesing het:
"Jannie hou hom Breed vanjaar -
Dol op hul musiek en liedjies.

If it wsn't for Kandas, I would have won the Lotto last week.

That is more than what Donner gets
fact is........the one thing i can actually blame kandas for is how tired i am now and excusing myself from the first BrannesNacht (thanks OO for the christening of this special evening) on ruggaworld.

good night to all!
Cheers PA

Inspiration Courtesy of a Windhoekie


telefoon poeding?
Mens kry nie skaaptjops in Ingeland nie - nie maklik nie. Ook nie skaapnek vir 'n bredie nie. Ek dink hulle kap alles op vir daai vaal geregte wat hulle maak.

En my arme Boet in Hamburg leef omtrent op vark.

I thought ants never sleep.:-D
OO, that sounds like a helluva trip!!

I was lucky enough, when I still lived in CT, to be invited to attend a congress in Istanbul - man, what an eye opener for me at the time!

Our local Jhb boss was a real skinflint, which is all Kandas's fault, and he put us in some rat infested hellhole for 3 days before we actually joined our international guys at the Ciragan Palace hotel, the same one Princess Diana stayed in, right on the Bosphorus river! We had a massive suite each, with dressing gowns, slippers, you name it!

LOL, now, you can just imagine how us Saffa's abused that hospitality!

It was sublime and I still can't work out why the company paid so much but, hey, not complaining!!!

When my wife and I returned to Turkey we hitch hiked through the country, getting lifts in garbage trucks etc. and she was too shy to enter the Ciragan Palace when I took her to show it!! LOL.

By the way, the reason we only got lifts in rubbish trucks was Kandas's fault!

we do, your animal facts (which is wrong btw because of kandas) just makes people believe we dont!!!!!!!!
Telefoon Poeding:

Ag, no, it's too late, I'll post the recipe some time tomorrow.

Tafelberg, true!
Hell Boertjie nou is ek sommer honger- so op al die ingelse Saffas se behalf.
Ongelukkig net weekoud eisbein en twee wieners in die yskas- en defrost gaan te lank vat- mMMN 'n lekker marrokkaanse skaap bredie, met 'n soet Jacobsdal jerepigo...
see now you and made me post again after i said goodnight...........

damn you kandas!!!!!
Ek weet dis Kandas se skuld, maar jy het nog nie geantwoord nie:
Wat is / hoe lyk Telefoonpoeding?
I wonder if Kandas' ears are burning yet. But that is what you get for making so many mistakes.  
Anyway, boys boys, thank you for a fine Brannasnacht. It looked shakey there for a while but the spirit prevailed!!

That's it for now.

Sleep well all.

Boertjie, will look more into that area tomorrow.

Night all.

If I have a nightmare = it's Kandas's fault.
If the bedbugs bite = it's Kandas's fault.
If a truck plows into our house at 3 am = yip, you guessed it.

That Turkey trip sounds interesting.

It seems that you can have heaven in Turkey and absolute hell- but it seems like an interesting place.

Not that much travelled myself, but maybe one day..
Self al weer honger.
Kan 'n mens daai Marokkaanse bredie met Karooskape maak?
Klink lekker...

Ras is saying good night. Kandas what the fuck have you done to him.
15 ml olie
15 ml apricot jam
5 ml koeksoda
50 ml suiker
1 eier
250 ml meelblom
3 ml gemmer
2 ml sout
meng bymekaar en versprei eweredig
200ml suiker
1.5 ml sout
600 ml water
Bak 30 min 180 C

And it's Kandas's fault that I posted after saying goodnight!
I think Kandas and Osama May be related.  
Thanks Ras
I'm going to bake it.
If it's a flop, we'll blame old Wet Blanket Deserter You-Know-Who.

Manne (en Tafeltjie):
Dis seker tjailatyd?
1 1/2k meelkblom
1 k suiker
1/2k melk
1/2k botter
1 eier
2e appelkooskonfyt
1t fyn gemmer
1t soda
Room suiker en botter, dan eiers, konfy, dan droe bestanddele en melk.

2k kookwater
1k suiker

Maak stroop in bakskottel, voeg mengsel by

Mensg soos groot

Bak 45 min by 180 sonder deksel
Yip Boertjie

Woollies hou nie net nice droe rooi papsakke aan nie, maar ook sulke plat blikkies Maroccan Rub- gooi liberaal by soos op gevoel- maak gaar saam met 'n bietjie appelkoos konfyt( konfyt kan maar uit 'n blik ook kom as dit moet) en bedien saam met 2derde aartappel/1derde patat mash, lekker knoffel groenbone en butternuts- mmnn- nie heeltemal carpacchio nie- maar kookwater op 'n koue aand.

Wag net so 'n bietjie. Tafeljie stuur ook 'n resep.
OK sien sy is klaar.

Ek maak ook nou klaar!!!!

Praat more weer.
Yip Boertjie

Woollies hou nie net nice droe rooi papsakke aan nie, maar ook sulke plat blikkies Maroccan Rub- gooi liberaal by soos op gevoel- maak gaar saam met 'n bietjie appelkoos konfyt( konfyt kan maar uit 'n blik ook kom as dit moet) en bedien saam met 2derde aartappel/1derde patat mash, lekker knoffel groenbone en butternuts- mmnn- nie heeltemal carpacchio nie- maar kookwater op 'n koue aand.
En o ja, blameer vir Kandas.  
Oh, and I just had to come back to tell you that I broke my big toe when I was about 14.

We were playing rugby in my friends back garden and I was kicking to win but I didn't know my friend had placed a brick behind the ball.

Anyway, my parents refused to believe for 2 days that I'd broken it. Eventually they took me to the Dr and xrays etc.

The doctor came out and said, "Mrs Rasputin, I have to tell you, your son's big toe really is broken and it's all Kandas's fault."
Dankie OO.
Tyd om iets nuuts te probeer. Dalk kan jy vir ons so 'n potjie maak by die KKNK Brannas - so as 'n voorgereggie om almal nugter te hou?

Stuur sy nóg 'n resep? Wat was daai een se naam?
And I get this terrible heartburn whenever I just think about Kandas. Not to mention the piles.

Lekker slaap, almal.

Dieselfde as Ras se een.


BTW Ek het so agt jaar terug my klein toontjie gebreek, maar wees rustig, jy het niks daarmee te doen gehad nie.

moenie worry nie, die toontjie breek, was agv my kak
For fun I grow some cherry tomatoes every year, last year because of the weather we were left with loads of green tomatoes.

I had a look around the net, got a basic recipe for Green Tomato Chutney and got cooking....

Man, that stuff was so delicious!!!! We've still got a jar of it left. This year I made Red Tomato Chutney.

We have it with our favourite boerewors and my own home made tamatie en uie sous!!!

People would pay good money for it!!!

OO, you are making me hungry again with all that talk!!!
Hmmm - see?
Just as I said: no chops in GB.
Oh ja, the fact the weather was so kak and I had to make Green Tomato Chutney was Kandas's fault.

Night all.
Guess who we have to thank for this?

Zim fuel price up sixfold
08/12/2005 13:54 - (SA)

Harare - The price of fuel in Zimbabwe has been unofficially hiked nearly six times, reports said on Thursday.

Petrol is now selling openly in fuel stations for up to Zim$120 000 (R10.17) a litre, according to the state-run Herald newspaper.

The price set by President Robert Mugabe's government in September was Zim$22 300 (R1.89) a litre.

The Zimbabwe dollar has lost value in the last three months and private fuel companies have decided that price controls no longer apply, the paper said.

"It is understood that most companies were using last week's sentiments by the Minister of Finance Dr Herbert Murerwa that it was 'critical that market pricing mechanisms be embraced, which are central to ensuring the viability of industry, as well as the well-being of consumers' to mean that there were no more price controls," it said.

The price of basic goods has also rocketed in supermarkets in the last few days.

Zimbabwe has been suffering from a critical fuel shortage since March this year, and all but a few fuel stations ran dry. Drivers who could afford it turned to the black market for fuel where the commodity was available but at a much higher price.

Now some service stations appear to be openly charging black market prices.

"Fuel is abundant here and if you want you can buy your coupons and get as many litres as you want," said one petrol attendant at a garage in Harare's Kamfinsa suburb. Twenty litres at the garage costs Zim$2.4m (R203.21), the Herald said.

The state oil company appears to be turning a blind eye to the hikes. "There has not been any price increases as far as we are concerned.

"They (filling stations) are charging the prices to recover their costs of importing the fuel into the country," an unnamed official at the National Oil Company of Zimbabwe (NOCZIM) told the Herald. - Sapa-dpa

The meat is terrible in the UK. Period!

The European Union said it's Kandas's fault, in fact they've created a new terminology or abbreviation : KF.

If an ostrich suddenly starts flying and kaks on your head, it's a KF.

When the Euro drops like a stone, the EU announce the onset of a KF.

Kofi Annan said the terrible situation in Darfur was, "a complete and utter KF".
For a Brannasnacht that only kicked off at 22h26, this was a resounding success, manne!

Thank you.
Ja, and the BP filling station close-by me has been without petrol for two days now.
They say it's KF, and it doesn't stand for Kentucky Fried.

Israeli Spokesman Blames Kandas for Continued Drought.

Aired October 28, 2000 - 12:20 p.m. ET


GENE RANDALL, CNN ANCHOR: Returning to the crisis in the Middle East, we now get the Israeli viewpoint from government spokesman Nachman Shai, who is in Jerusalem.

Mr. Shai, We've had no water for 5 days now. Our crops are shriveling, our animals are distressed. What do you blame it on?

NACHMAN SHAI, ISRAELI GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN: What's new about it? Kandas is here, we've warned about the KF factor for years now. So, why already, are you getting so excited about it now? It's the Kandas Fault.

I have a theory for Deserter's absence. Sounded very dof on the phone this morning.
I think Roosmaryntjie found out about the SpearLeaders and left him.
And then the SpearLeaders found out about Roosmaryntjie, before they found out about Deserter's spear...
Kandas Fault

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View of the Kandas Fault on the Carrizo Plain in central California

The Kandas Fault is a geological fault, known as a right-lateral strike-slip fault, that spans a length of roughly 800 miles (1287 kilometers) through California.

The Kandas Fault marks a transform boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. This fault is famous for producing large and devastating earthquakes.

In geological terminology it is simply known as a KF.
LOL, Boertjie,

So, Kandas has been hoist by his own petard?

You know whose fault that is?

Ja, die man het homself gehang.

BTW check Beeld's lead story if you're still up and about.

Now I'm really switching off.

I'm not here, this is an automated picture test response.

Please do not reply.
Liewe Jesus!

That's me!!

There is life again. How does your back feel this morning?  
Hi All

Tech stuff screwed me last night- so a belated good whishes for all
Classical case of "naai jou maatjie"

Well, all I can really say this morning is:

Et tu, Brute!
Et tu, Rasputin!
Et tu, PissAnt!
Et tu, Donner!
Et tu, Boertjie!
Et tu, Oranje Orakel!
Et tu, Tafeltjie!!!!!?????
NYM- Kandas

'n man moet reelings tref as jy nie belangrike afsprake kan bywoon nie
I would venture to suggest Kandas that last night was not your best night on Brannasnacht.

At least I like you and I didn't post anything about you.

Although I suspect the reason I was looking after 3 nephews and nieces last night and my oldest went to bed at 12h00 must be something I can implicate you in.....
:) ja nee  
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