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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Brannasnacht: The Christmas Edition

Do not despair. Details to be submitted during the course of the afternoon and early evening. As usual we will start at 21H00 CET and you are all cordially invited to attend and take part.

From all of us at Rugga World - may you all have a very peaceful and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the rest!
Hi Guys (and Girls)

I am truly sorry but things are running a bit away from me at this stage. Just came in and Brannasnacht is officialy open. I am really sorry for the delay.
Weer 'n geval van KF.
Sal ons vir jou 'n horlosie koop vir Krismis?
En een vir OO. En Aldo. En Reindier.
Dink jy hier gaan iemand bykom?
Please dont be cross with me. I apologise again.

So, let's talk!!!
So hoe gaan dit met die Blou Bul ondersteuner wat net Rooi Bulle drink?
Ek het 'n voëltjie hoor fluit hy moet 8 kilogram afskud ...
???????? 8kg ????????  
Oukei, is dit vyf?
As ek vir jou sê ek was fighting fit, jonk en jags op 85 kg en ek trek die skaal nou op 98 sal jy weet ek het ook so 'n probleempie.
4 kin kf syndrome...........  
Los vir Kandas uit. Hy is erg gestres sonder Roosmaryntjie.
ja nee, arme knadas sukkel sonner red bull, arme man....  
Oukei, as niemand tjol praat nie, gaan ek rugby praat.
Ek het die boek "Danie Craven se Top-Springbokke".
Interessante keuses:
Heelagter: Gerry Brand
Vleuels: Jock van Niekerk (1 toets)
W. Anderson (geen toetse).
Losskakel: Bennie Osler.

Kan ons nou suip.

Naand PA
Solank jy heel anderkant uitkom.
En dis die beste voorstel wat ek heeldag gehoor het ;-)
knadas, ek suip al lankal, so please, join  
my connection is ka hier though, so as ek stil is vir lank, dis nie ek nie maar telekom  
Damn, it's a quiet Brannasnacht tonight!!!  
I will be in and out if anyone is here!

I don't see OO!
I don't see Donder!
I don't see Reindeer!
I don't see DavidS!

Tsk, tsk, tsk!
Must say I far preferred my previous picture but in the interests of site decorum...  
Jip, ek sukkel self erg met ADSL. Kon by tye net opskakel as my foon van die mik af is. Lyk my dis nou tydelik reggemaak.  
Kandas, pleased to hear that Lyndsey kept you distracted for a good deal of the day...  
Die afgelope weke was maar rof - PA sal weet - so van vanaand af gaan ek mal!!!

Ek wou nog 'n ordentlike artikel opsit vir Brannasnacht toe kom ek eers amper half 10 by die huis.

Ek wens Rasputin wil daai foto van daai girl afhaal!
Naand, Ras.
Ja, as we go along you will get to know who the faithful "Bittereinders" are.
BTW Donner is bravinmg the wind at Agulhas. Only guy I know that prefers the southernmost point of the continent.
Ja, I read Donner was 'heading down south' ;-)  
Naand, manne, ek het heeltemal vergeet om te groet!

Kandas, I hope you didn't scare young Reindeer away!

Reindeer, if you are lurking you are more than welcome to say a quick hello! :-)
Anyone here know, or have heard, 'The Pogues'?

'The Bells are Ringing Out for Xmas Day'
Just spoke to Donner. He is fine. Cant say the same of Tafeltjie though. I think I am going to kill her!

Anyway, Ras, I am OK now and I am getting used to that photo of Lyndsay.
Sheesh, looks like old BvR is taking a beating from all sides, haven't read the full article yet but the judge seems none too happy.  
Reindeer sorry.

Please do join us.
Wat maak Tafeltjie met ons vriend?
Nope, Ras, don't know it.
Helluva place to decide to go to, Agulhas

Boertjie, I'm certain you will know the Witsands area, down at the Breede River mouth?

Come February BvR and his gang will all be out of SA Rugby for good. Believe me.
Nice place Ras.
Haven't camped there. Camped at Keurbooms many years ago and at a place called Cintsa near East London.
Ever been to Port St Johns, Second Beach?
We used to go to Witsand quite often.  
Kandas, yeah, us too. My Dad used to take us fishing there. Always stayed at the 'Lucky Strike Botel'

;-))) Ha, 'botel', they used to hire out these basic boats with a 15 hp outboard, what a disaster my Dad was at steering even that thing!!

Boertjie, Port St Johns, I'm sure I must have been there, not much recollection though.

Have been to Coffee Bay etc.
Geez, I've found a 'multimap' error!!!

Do I get a prize???

They claim that 'Noetzie' is on the west bank of the Breede River, opposite Witsands.

Boertjie, love Keurbooms, always have, even as a kid.
Boertjie, looking at multimap, I can't say for sure whether I got to Port St Johns....

Did go to a lovely place not far from East London, name starts with a 'K' - Kenton-On-Sea???
Kandas, I suspect you are right, even BvR only has 9 lives.  
What's your weather like?
You guys ever see a mango there?
Had some mango pudding. Simple:
Mango slices, plain yogurt, brown sugar. Heat 'n Eat.
Why do you want to kill Tafeltjie, Kandas??

Tafeltjie, Tafelberg, I get confused!

Only worked out the connection last Friday!
Boertjie, surprisingly mild.

When I say 'mild', I mean it would be donners cold for you guys but it is not bitter, hardly any frost, no chance of a 'white' Xmas, which will keep WPW happy ;-)
You think Keo will run a "Save Brian" petition?
Yip, we get mangos, they are expensive though and never ripe..

Same with the avos
So where is everyone?

'White Xmas'
Cold here in New York -15  
Naand, Tony

I think PA's link gave the ghost.
Kandas had a "very rough time" so he probably fell asleep in front of the PC once again.
Die man kan maar net nie die pas en sy drank vat nie ;-)
Minus bloody 15???
I was fortunate in two ways:
Was there in summer, and only for three days.
Evening Tony

New York! You lucky bugger!

Aren't they having some sort of transport strike over there?

Business or pleasure?
Sheesh, just read: "-15"

Strike is over after 3 days  
New York's 3-Day Transit Strike Ends

Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- The city's crippling three-day transit strike ended Thursday when union leaders - facing mounting fines, possible jail terms and the wrath of millions of commuters - voted to send their 33,000 members back to work without a new contract.

Union board members said the workers would return to their job sites starting with the next shifts. The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of returning to work and resuming negotiations with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority on a new three-contract.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said buses should be running by evening, and most subways should be operating in time for the Friday morning rush. "It can't be turned on and off with a flip of a switch," he said of the nation's largest mass transit system.

Roger Toussaint, the combative president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, had recommended that his union's executive board accept the deal.


"We thank our riders for their patience and forbearance," he said.

The walkout, which began early Tuesday, was New York's first citywide transit strike in more than 25 years. The workers walked out over wages, pension contributions and health benefits, leaving their jobs in violation of a state law prohibiting public employees from striking.

"I'm ready to work the rush hour this afternoon if they let me," bus driver Ralph Torres said from the picket line.

While the agreement ends the strike, it does not settle the underlying contract dispute, which means the city could be hit with another walkout if negotiations fail.


Union Says NYC Transit Strike is Over

The Strike in Audio and Photos

New York's 3-Day Transit Strike Ends
Correction: NYC-Transit-Strike Story

Union Says NYC Transit Strike Is Over

Transit Strike Stirs Memories of the Past

Transit Strike Leaves NYC Homeless in Cold

Mayor's 'Thuggish' Comment Rankles Some

Buy AP Photo Reprints


New York Transit Strike

The breakthrough was announced just minutes before Toussaint and two of his top deputies were due in a Brooklyn courtroom to answer criminal contempt charges for continuing the strike. On Wednesday, the judge warned he might throw them in jail.

Earlier this week, the judge, State Justice Theodore Jones, fined the union $1 million a day for striking. And under the state no-strike law, the rank-and-file members were automatically docked two days' pay for each day they stayed off the job.

The walkout sent millions of commuters from the city and its suburbs scrambling to find other ways to get to work, and inflicted a heavy toll on the city's economy in the week before Christmas, when New York is usually packed with tourists and holiday shoppers.

The bitterness was captured in tabloid headlines. The New York Post screamed: "Jail 'em!" in front of a composite image of Toussaint behind bars.

"I think it was all for nothing," said commuter Lauren Caramico, 22, of Brooklyn. "Now the poor people of the TWU are out six days' pay, and nothing gained."

Just before the deal was announced, an off-duty firefighter was critically injured when he was struck by a private bus while riding his bicycle to work. It was the first serious strike-related injury.

Bloomberg, at a City Hall news conference, praised New Yorkers for their handling of the strike. "We passed the test with flying colors," he said. "We did what we had to do to keep the city running, and running safely."

A chief sticking point in the talks had been an MTA proposal to require new hires to contribute 6 percent to their pensions, up from the current 2 percent for all employees.

The vote to return to work was blasted by TWU dissidents who felt the union had caved in.

"This was a disgrace," said TWU vice president John Mooney. "No details were provided to the executive board. (Toussaint) wants us to discuss the details after Christmas."

It'll be a bit of a quiet Brannasnacht tonight, Tony.

Should you get the chance to join us in mid-January, on any Thursday night, I'm sure the chatter will be flowing.

We keep it kind of away from rugby on the whole, just general BS, gossip and stress release stuff.

Glad to be able to say to 'your face' at last, that I think you guys are doing an outstanding job down there in the SEC.

December 22, 2005 -- Even though the Yankees were a favorite in his mind, Johnny Damon had approximately four hours Tuesday to accept a four-year, $52 million deal or forget the Yankees.
Damon was told a little after eight o'clock that if he didn't take the deal, the Yankees were going in a different direction in center field. So, knowing the Red Sox hadn't been aggressive, Damon switched sides in the fiercest rivalry in sports. He may be known as an "Idiot," but Damon isn't dumb.

Immediately, the Yankees filled their lone position weakness by signing the 32-year-old Damon.

Talk about money in signings!
Sounds like:

Management 1
Unions 0

The authorities seem pretty strict over there on wildcat strikes - heavy daily fines etc.
32 years old!



You must be salivating at the thought of an ENTIRE player budget like that, never mind a single player!
I mean, it's not like he's a genius youngster who'll be around for 12 years

32 years old gives him a possible 4 years if he looks after himself.
I suppose you can go on longer at baseball though.  
Maybe I'm prejudiced, but I always laugh when I compare the skills needed for baseball as opposed to cricket.
To start with, they have gloves to catch ...
Tony, sorry, I know it's an 'off-night' but take a look at the story we posted just prior to this one.

Now, if the Southern Spears could hook up with an internet marketing company and do something similar in SA - a little 'kill time' rugby game that people can email to each other - especially if it is heavily branded with 'Southern Spears', perhaps that would help continue the impressive momentum you guys are building.

The 'game' wouldn't have to be much, just something a little challenging. Perhaps the internet marketing company could 'piggyback' in order to save you costs and give them exposure to a potentially massive audience - let's face it, every South African rugby fan, regardless of provincial affiliation, would be emailing it to all his mates worldwide.
Okay, I think the sand has run out on this Xmas Brannas. We sorely missed some of the regulars :-((

Merry Christmas to you all en voorspoed vir die Nuwe Jaar.
I agree, Boertjie.

It's not prejudice, just a different upbringing and approach.

We were brought up to savour a contest that swings backwards and forwards over five days, or at least over a day. The Americans went down the instant gratification route.

Whilst I think that if you threw enough money at it and were clever marketing wise, you could get South Africans to start loving baseball, I don't think you'll be able to achieve much mass appeal amongst Yanks for cricket but who knows, marketing is a specialised skill and the best can create miracles.
Yes, pity it was the quietest Brannasnacht by far but perhaps it's best if we put our quills down!

Night all, Tony, great to have you visit us, enjoy the rest of your trip, hope you packed warm weather clothing.

Night, Boertjie!
Kandas, no petrol in the Oudsthoorn boys these days!
Pity we missed PA and OO, PA managed to log in and avoid PF, so it is either DavidS' Fault or Oranje Orakel's Fault this week!!

"I will rockup for tonight brannasnacht see you guys later
# posted by Oranje_Orakel : 3:52 PM"

Seker die drie Orakeltjies se skuld - almal gelyk maagwerkings gekry of so iets...

Check my Brannasnacht presence on the previous thread.

Pity though to have missed it.

Of to the North Eastern Cape- my african Heimat- for X-mas

See the rest of you next week.

Hope all of you have a merry Christmas- drive safely.
Jammer ek was nie hier gister nie...
Ek het veel belangrikker dinge gehad om te doen - ek het bietjie by iemand gekuier.
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