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Monday, December 12, 2005


Australian Rugby Players Set to Strike

"Take the red pill, and I will show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes." This famous line from The Matrix seems to define Australian rugby at the moment. Just when you thought Aussie rugby was at its absolute lowest, you see something like this.

The whole debacle is the result from a proposed domestic competition the ARU want to launch, the problem though, is that the players union, RUPA, is extremely unhappy with the information as it has been fed through to them. In certain cases, they learn from sources outside the ARU about proposed plans and dates for this competition and not from the union administrators themselves.

The whole issue revolves around the proposed time for the competition. RUPA’s boss, Tony Dempsey, is extremely unhappy about the lack of consultation and is of the believe, the players welfare should be priority.
"There are benefits to Australian rugby in having further high-level games," Dempsey said.

"Some of the players need more high-level games. But it is all about the number and timing of those games. A holistic approach is necessary that ensures a balanced and measured approach. We are not seeing that."

"Some of rugby's administrators would struggle to organise a ladies tennis tea party, let alone another tier of competition for Super 14 players."

"There's been a piecemeal, ad hoc approach to organising the development of Australia's next tier of players. First we get consulted about an APC being played and lend our support to the notion of it being played in June/July."

"We then learn indirectly that the ARU has done a backflip over the scheduling and is planning to go ahead with it in September/October for reasons that remain unclear."

"We at RUPA then learn indirectly from sources that the ARU is attempting to play up to five Australia A games in June/July."

"We also learn indirectly that the Brumbies and Western Force are looking to organise games in June/July against Pacific Island nations and NZ. The exact number we are not sure and nor is the ARU, it would seem."
Even if the ARU and the provincial unions push their certain proposed tournaments, such as the Australian Provincial Competition and a series involving Australia A, on the 2006 schedule the players may not take to the field."

"The message for sponsors thinking about getting involved with these matches is: caveat emptor [let the buyer beware]," Dempsey said. "If rugby's administrators want to introduce major departures to the work practice of Australia's players then they need to get the buy-in of the players."

"We will do all within RUPA's sphere of influence to ensure there is a balanced approach to the introduction of extra competitions that change dramatically the work practice of the players. We need to consider player issues. We've asked the administrators for a summit meeting where we can finalise a schedule for next year that is reasonable for all, but that seems to fall on deaf ears."

"We don't want to shoot the goose that lays the golden egg."

The only good thing I take from this, is that it seems SARU are not the only clowns when it comes to rugby administration.

Source: Rugby Heaven. The original article can be read at

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