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Monday, December 12, 2005


Another Aussie Head Rolls

Yes ladies and gentleman, yet another high profile Australian, in the form of ARU chairman Dilip Kumar, has resigned amid his position in the ARU and the union’s stance to support Japan ahead of their SANZAR partners in the recent Rugby World Cup bid which was won by NZ.

In what was for me personally, the silliest thing the ARU has done in a long time, this actually comes as no surprise. As a SANZAR partner, I would have personally requested that Australia be kicked out of SANZAR and a combined Pacific Island's team or Argentina to take their place in the Super 14 and Tri-Nations.

You think that is a bit harsh? Well if you look at the financial implications involved with hosting such a major event, I don’t think so. The figures the host nation makes through an event like this is staggering. And up and till now, I have not read one sensible comment from the ARU other than ‘making the game global’.

My views on how pathetic that statement is, in the sense of where it is coming from has been expressed many times. If Australia was committed to making the game global, Argentina and the Island teams could have been included in our Southern Hemisphere competitions some time ago. Off course this goes for NZ and South Africa to but I am going off the topic here.

Apparently Kumar was overthrown at a meeting of the ARU in Sydney last Thursday by a Queensland and ACT led revolt.

The ARU moved to support Kumar but their statement did him no favours. "There was unwarranted personal criticism of Dilip when the ARU Board chose to support Japan's bid for the Rugby World Cup 2011. The ARU Board remains committed to its decision to support Japan's bid." said ARU President Paul McLean.

It is well known that Australia is desperate to add a fifth Melbourne based team when the Super 14 competition expands in the future. Unfortunately their move to support Japan ahead of NZ did them no favours to have NZ’s support them on this matter.

Kumar was previously chairman of the NSW rugby board.

Full Article can be viewed at:,,12416-5122524,00.html

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