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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Academy signs up four overseas stars

It is always exciting to read about development initiatives being carried out by any union in South Africa. Full marks to the Sharks for pushing ahead, and maintaining, their Sharks Academy. Having foreign participants taking part can only but enhance the course for all involved and will hopefully lead to a form of osmosis for our youngsters in learning about other countries and their culture.
Posted: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 - 08:28
Released by: The Flagship PR & Communications

Four full-time, overseas students are among the 70 applicants who have been accepted for first year courses at The Sharks Academy in Durban next year, out of a total of 215 applicants. The students who have been accepted are evenly split between the B.Com, College Marketing Diploma and Exercise Training Academy (ETA) course options.

The four overseas players who will be welcomed by the institution when they open their doors for the new term are brothers, Vladimir “Lado” and Luka Kilasonia, from Georgia in the former Soviet Union, Jason Engelbrecht from Texas, USA, and Jonathan Linnett from London.

The Kilasonia brothers represented Georgia, and Englebrecht the USA at the IRB Under 19 World Championships staged in Durban and Pietermaritzburg in April.

In addition, a contingent of 20 young players from the United Kingdom and Ireland will also train at the Academy for several months next year, as part of a gap year exchange programme.

“We are very excited about the quality of our 2006 intake,” says Sharks Academy head, Hans Scriba. “We were able to select the best 70 players out of 215 applicants. The international players also add an extra dimension to our Academy.”
Dragons ala Georgia

Can you believe- A yankee from Texas- called Engelbrecht

Ol Dixie aint what it used to be.

Thanks for the Arti- will keep you on your toes in 2007.

You said it before I could

Even in the RWC 2003 the Yanks fielded a disproportionate number of players with South African Afrikaans surnames
How's all my fair skinned brothers doing today? lmao.

I cant wait for next week when we close until the 17th Jan.
Hi Wes

It seems that your pale male bruvva in Bloem is doing OK boet- thanks for asking.

You seems to be in good spirit this morning- what kind of plans do you have for the season? living in the Cape kind of limit the places to go to for "vacation"

With all the Gautengers in the fairest Cape- it must be kinda busy?
howzit OO?
Yes, i am feeling great today... the weather is great and i cant wait fir the holidays... I was invited to Mossel Nay for a few days but dont think so... I sold my car and am car hunting at the mo. I am looking for a nice Toyota Conquest or Tazz but these dealerships are so skelm... And i'm gonna be patient...

Also have friends who live in Centurion who are coming down to visit... And then there's also my son who i need to treat this holidays...
That should be Mossel Bay!  

I know it was an honest mistake, but it is not far of the truth is it?
donner, ja i could expect that from you. lol

i read that you mentioned something last week about a machine that you need to keep running... what is it that you do?

We're cool in Gauteng

We haven't seen much of summer yet though, 'cos it's been raining and on Sunday night it was obscenely chilly enough for me to wear a tracksuit top.

There's no ways this boere thug gets rid of his rugby shorts in December....ever.
can i ask you another question? how come you so liberal? i mean, how come racism didnt affect you or in what way were you brought up?

I'm an anachronism wpw

I was brought up solidly nationalist Afrikaner in an Afrikaans school in the south.

I went to the border like a good boy and tried to get myself killed for volk and vaderland fighting the swart gevaar.

Came back, went to a solid broederbond Afrikaans university.

Then something weird happened to my head.

I got a (sorry for the word, some find it insulting) coloured girlfriend, joined the ANC (ja, there are my political affiliations) and changed my viewpoint on life pretty radically. Still can't figure out where this epiphany came from. It was gradual like.

Anyway, Danielle left me for some solid coloured lawyer boytjie but I didn't change my attitudes.

That's why I take unpopular viewpoints, like supporting transformation (bloody hell that's what I do at work!), being pro-affirmative action, supporting some things the government do (I am sorry I can't support all of government) oh and I'm anti death penalty.

No, my parents had absolutely nothuing to do with it.
I wonder if there is a full list of all the players. I know that 2 of the players going to the academy was in my school this year. Promising players...  
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