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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


124th Oxford/Cambridge match

As per usual, South Africa has it's fair share of representation in the annual Cambridge/Oxford match at Twickenham. For those who have never seen it, it is an amazing occassion, to see 40 000 fans, often more, turn out for a university match is great. Almost every year without fail there is a South African in at least one team, usually in both. As far as I recall, Nick Mallett played in this match in his time. Quite often the captain of one or other team has been a South African. Today's match sees four South Africans participating. One wonders what will become of the rugby career of these boys later?

The 124th University Match at Twickenham today, for which a crowd of almost 40,000 is expected, brings to a conclusion the most enduring sponsorship agreement in world rugby.
And Cambridge, who start as narrow favourites, will be only too happy if they repeat their victory of 1976 - the first occasion that the teams played for the Bowring Bowl - after winning only one of the past six encounters

Following Marsh and McLennan's takeover of C T Bowring, the Bowring Bowl has become the MMC Trophy, but the association between the sponsors and the universities has continued to be enormously beneficial to all three.

The face of rugby has changed to such an extent since 1976 that the University Match has become an even more anachronistic fixture in an increasingly hectic schedule, and it is all the more appealing for that.

No less than 77 international players have adorned the fixture during the past 30 years, with a World Cup-winning captain - David Kirk, in 1988 - among them. For the majority, however, it still offers the biggest rugby stage of their lives.

With Jon Ufton, the former Wasps player, at fly-half and John Blaikie, who has played for Otago Highlanders in the Super 12 competition, in the engine room, the Light Blues field the more experienced side today but it promises to be yet another close contest.

OXFORD UNIVERSITY: *A Knox (St Andrew's College, Grahamstown & Keble); *J Boto (Ipswich & University), *A James (King Alfred's, Wantage & Wolfson), *J Whittingham (King Henry VIII, Coventry & St Cross), T Tombleson (Princethorpe College & Wolfson); *J Fennell (Dublin HS & Pembroke), K Brennan (Mount St Mary's & Linacre); *P Laffin (Wallace HS, Lisburn & St Cross), *A Dalgleish (Bedford & St Anne's, capt), *S Brophy (Belvedere College & St Catherine's), R Graham (Watford GS & New), *A Harris (Hayle Community & St Cross), D Abbott (Bournemouth & Somerville), D Palm (Grey HS, Port Elizabeth & St Cross), J Jones (Stowe & St Anne's).

Substitutes: D Rosen (Brighton Coll & Green), *M Street (Ridgeway & Kellogg), C Hadfield (Bedford & University), J Bucknall (Marlborough & Kellogg), P Jenkins (Norwich & Keble), S Fauth (Brentwood Coll, Canada & Brasenose), *R Lavery (Oundle & St John's).

CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY: *I McInroy (Belmont House & Hughes Hall); D Akinluyi (St Olave's GS & Christ's), J Ansbro (Stonyhurst & Robinson), *E Carter (King's School, Parramatta & St Edmund's, capt), *C Desmond (Haileybury & Girton); *J Ufton (Whitgift & St Edmund's), R Evans (Tregaron & Hughes Hall); *R Bosch (Grey Coll, Bloemfontein & Hughes Hall), J Clark (Barnard Castle & St Edmund's), E Kalman (Belmont House & Fitzwilliam), J Blaikie (Otago Boys HS & Hughes Hall), A Clements (Ermysted's GS, Skipton & St Edmund's), *N Alberts (Afrikaanse Hoer Seunsskool, Pretoria & Hughes Hall), D O'Brien (Belvedere Coll & Hughes Hall), *M Harfoot (Giggleswick & St Catharine's).

Substitutes: T Woolsey (St Peter's, York & Queens'), *T Kirkman (Loughborough GS & St Edmund's), *A Gilbert (RGS, High Wycombe & Fitzwilliam), R Bartholomew (Berkhamsted & Jesus), C Worsley (Lord Wandsworth Coll & Hughes Hall), S Thomas (Gwyr CS & Trinity), P Magee (Royal School, Dungannon & Magdalene).

* denotes Blue

REFEREE: W Barnes (RFU).
So there is a bloem boy there

BTW is Keo also a anachronistic site?
Is british airways going to sponsor that bird in the photo?  

You have mail.

Is that Nic Alberts from Afrikaans Seuns? If so then I know his old man. He's one of the 'groot koppe' at PWC SA.

I know the Bulls were looking to contract him, but Dad insisted education first.
Thanks DavidS

The Oracle is posted
Well, well. well

Do us proud over there, boys, do us proud.
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